Sanguine – Sanguine by Ben Spencer

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/Label: Independent
Distributor/Label URL: N/A
Released: 2012

Band Line-up
Tarin Kerrey – Vocals
Nick Magee – Guitar/Vocals
Tom Sherwood – Bass
Matt Feld – Drums

Album Track listing
1. For Love
2. Anger Song
3. Contagious
4. Don’t Change
5. Bangkok Nights
6. In The Sky
7. Given Up
8. A Place Called Home
9. Interlude
10. Live Consume Drive
11. Simplify
12. Territory
13. Contagious (Remix)

Its been quite an exciting time for UK experimental metal act Sanguine. Since the early stages of their formation with their music video was featured on SCUZZ and Kerrang and receiving particular recognition from Joey (Slipknot) and Adrian Smith (Iron Maiden) and not to mention some pretty positive acclaim for their live performances, their self-titled album is certainly something to get excited about.
‘For love’ opens with screechy vocals and slow guitar drone which then shifts into clean vocals. The heavily grunge fuelled riffs add an extra element of down and dirt ridden sound.

Next up, ‘Anger Song’ pummels forward with in a punk like rawness with some head nodding riffs and pounding drums whilst the singing remains as visceral as ever as screams collide together into an all out attack of savagery.

‘Contagious’ opens with am ambulance siren and has an almost rap style intro with grunt vocals and laughing and fluid bass laden throughout the verse, whilst jumping back into full frenzy of high hitched hailing and clean vocals.

Meanwhile, ‘Bangkok Nights’ erupts with banshee like screams and leaks into a funk driven breakdowns with multi-layered vocals coursing violently around in a mish-mash of well executed changes.

Other moments where the album works well is in the Sound Garden groove of ‘In The Sky’ with its more prominent use of clean vocals “I’m so unhappy I could die” and the distorted guitar work and elusive sway of ‘A Place That You Call Home’ with cathartic riffs and whispering dialogue that runs underneath the ethereal singing. Meanwhile, ‘Live Consume, Drive’ hits hard like a battering ram with stop/start guitars, speedy drums and throat tearing squeals.

The record closes with the electronic ‘Contagious (Remix)’ which comes with plenty of electronic texturing to re-define the original track found earlier and is guaranteed to stir a pit of both moshers and dancers to swing out arms or break out glow sticks at live shows.
In a nutshell, this is quite an exhilarating ride that comes fresh with plenty of ideas and genres being explored in their music. The sound they have created is one that is tight, alluring and above all undeniably distinctive. Check these guys out and you may be pleasantly surprised.