Within the Ruins – Invade by Ben Spencer

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/Label: Victory Records
Released: 2010

Band Line up
Tim Goergen – Vocals
Joe Cocchi – Guitar
Andrew Tate – Bass
Drummer – Drums

Track listing
1.Designing Oblivion
2. Versus
3. Behold the Harlot
4. Red Flagged
5. Invade
6. Ataxia
7. Cross Buster
8. Feast or Famine
9. Oath
10. The Carouser
11. Roads

After laying down the ground work at a young age, Within The Ruins have moulded a sound that caught the attention from Victory Records, which bought about the release of recordings and European tours and various festival appearances such as The Bonecrusher festival and New England Metal and Hardcore Tour. With this record selling over 3000 copies upon its first week, things do seem to be going well for them.

Opening with, ‘Designing the Oblivion’ an eerie intro with grind effects reverberating in that background can be heard before exploding into ‘Verses’, which has technical lead guitar work and double kick pedals that are accompanied with deep growls. The drummer crashes down with head banging pounding as the guitar work shreds away endlessly. The later half flexes techy guitar solos and tight time signature changes.

In a similar fashion ‘ Behold The Harlot’ breaks into intricate drumming and flesh stripping guitars with deep husky growling. A real fight pit inducing track that should get fans swinging fits at live shows.

The monstrous riffage of ‘Invade’ swings back and forth with a pulverising double kick pedal with some tech-metal lead guitar scattered in the midst of instrumentation.

Personal highlight, is the relentlessly heavy and math-metal overtures of ’Cross Buster’ with its water tight lead guitar that bounces in and out of the drumming onslaught as the vocals bleed with bravado and conviction. Meanwhile, ‘Oath’ raises the bar with a more varied range of growling and finger tapping frenzy bridge section that makes everything that much more intense, before the demonic infernal growls deepen into a death metal tonality towards the end.

Finally, ’Roads’ comes with guitar distorted intro, rapid fire drums and further fret board fury from both guitarists as the drumming hit’s a catastrophic scale of technical proficiency everything slowly fades out back into the dark void found earlier, to add an element of continuity to the record. This before a guitar takes centre stage and ascends the last half of the song into a completely new direction and while the solo is impressive it does feel a bit misplaced in the context of what came before.

In short, what can be found here is a solid craftsmanship for the contemporary Metal/Deathcore movement that was sparked some years ago now. So what sets Within The Ruin apart? Well as far as this trend has gone so far, they do tick all the right boxes without faltering into mainstream melodies and teenage whinny clean vocals. So they stick to the fundamentals of what they do and they manage to pull it off in a way that keeps you gripped and keeps the music fairly interesting for the most part. While it may not offer much new to the genre it does keep some of the most important components intact and that is what makes this album an interesting spin.