Alex Palmer – Seventh Circle Artworks Jewellery, Interview.

Seventh Circle Artworks are a hand crafted custom jewellery company specialising in rock n roll jewellery. Recent clients include Saint Vitus, Jane Doe Latex, Nina Kate and Simone Simons of symphonic metal band Epica.

We managed to catch up with Alex Palmer of Seventh Circle Artworks Jewellery, to find out more behind their creations! Here’s what Alex had to say…

Hey Alex, please tell us how you first started?
I started Seventh Circle Artworks as a custom jewellery label in 2009.
I studied fine art and sculpture at college but got sick of the pretentious attitude of the art world and decided playing music was a better idea. It may well be creatively but as far as earning a living, forget it! After working in the jewellery trade for 8 years I thought if I could combine my knowledge of jewellery and sculpture with everything I know about the underground music scene, who knows where that might lead.
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What was the first piece you made?
The first piece that started the whole thing was the Saint Vitus ring. I missed out on a ticket to see them play at Roadburn festival 2009 so the only way I could think of to get to the festival would be to make a ring of their logo and approach them about selling it as a limited piece of band merch on their stall.
A few emails later with their manager and suddenly I’m on the guestlist!

We sold all 25 numbered rings in one weekend at the festival! The ball was already rolling!! I owe a lot to Vitus and their manager Rodney Pawluck for their faith in my idea for this kind of merchandise as its never really been done before in this way.

Since then we have sold over 200 Saint Vitus pendants and a remake of the Saint Vitus ring sold all 100 numbered pieces. As a result of this underground following we have been able to work with and create jewellery for other legendary and cult bands such as The Obsessed, Candlemass, Macabre, Solstice, VON and My Ruin.

What is it like to work with the bands?
Working with the bands is great, as it gets SCA jewellery all over the World and people that I have looked up to musically for years are now fans of my work.
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Alongside the band jewellery and SCA original designs we like to collaborate with other more established designers/artists to create joint collections. The first such collection was The Lucky 7 Tattoo collection designed by an old friend/tattooist, George Langley of The Lucky 7 Tattoo Co back in 2010. Old school tattoo designs made into hand crafted, solid silver jewellery.

Another friend and photographer Zuleika Fray introduced me to Nina Kate and we managed to persuade her and her husband (Stitch D from The Defiled) to model the collection for us!! That in turn led to the second collection which was designed by Nina Kate for SCA under her Jane Doe Latex label. This turned out to be the first major step into the big time with magazines like Bizarre, Terrorizer, and Devolution all taking an interest in the extravagant vintage brass skull motif running through the collection.

Coupled with a stunning photoshoot with new ally Marie GC shooting a gothic feel set at Murder Mile studios featuring Nina Kate and Simone Simons of symphonic metal band Epica as the light and dark ends of the gothic style spectrum.
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What has been some of your recent work?
Recent work has included the Mi Ruina trilogy of wearable art designed by Tairrie B of My Ruin with SCA and a variety of custom work for the likes of Scott “Wino” Wienrich (Saint Vitus), Ron Holzner (ex-Trouble, Earthen Grave), Kirk Windstein (Crowbar, Down) and Gideon Smith (Gideon Smith & The Dixie Damned).

Of all the custom work my favourites would have to be the Bass Clef wedding rings in platinum and set with rubies, the silver topped drinking horns and the all-time favourite….the Celtic Torc with carved wolf heads for Wino.
I actually got to the point of giving it to him and almost told him I’m keeping it!!! It took over 8 hours to carve the wolf heads alone, and the 3 strand, 18 inch silver torc itself was twisted by hand.

A triumph of old school techniques from start to finish. One of those moments when you sit back and look at what you’ve created and realise that in one piece you’ve gone beyond what you ever though you would achieve at this stage of your career.
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Do you have any unusual pieces?
As for unusual pieces, that would have to be the Bird Skull pendant. A genuine skull of a poor robin that our cat killed last December! Rather than see it wasted I thought I’d clean the skull, fill the cavity with wax to give it some weight and cast it in silver. Turns out robins are quite sinister looking under the feathers and without the cute tubby red breast.

Do you have any future projects coming up?
Current and future projects are looking very exciting right now, with pieces currently at the preliminary design stage for The Darkness, Pistonhead Beer, Simone Simons (Epica) and Cristina Scabbia (Lacuna Coil) and a few pieces nearing completion for Marie GC Photography and a currently unnamed extreme metal legend band that should be released as a strictly limited edition collectors piece later this year.

Seventh Circle Artworks started as simply a custom jewellery label, but has since developed into more of an art collective with a variety of highly skilled collaborators including top rock photographers Marie GC and Ester Segarra, goldsmith/modelmaker/tattoo collector John Poulter, illustrator and artist Chloe Pye and myself, Alex Palmer – wax carver/sculptor.

I saw a quote the other day that said “art should comfort the disturbed, and disturb the comfortable”. I think that sums up Seventh Circle Artworks quite nicely!