The Black Dahlia Murder – Everblack by Andy May

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Metal Blade Records
Released: 11/06/13

Band line-up:
Trevor Strnad − Vocals
Brian Eschbach − Guitar, Vocals
Ryan Knight − Guitar
Max Lavelle − Bass Guitar
Alan Cassidy – Drums

01. In Hell Is Where She Waits For Me
02. Goat Of Departure
03. Into The Everblack
04. Raped In Hatred By Vines Of Thorn
05. Phantom Limb Masturbation
06. Control
07. Blood Mine
08. Every Rope A Noose
09. Their Beloved Absentee
10. Map Of Scars

When it comes to The Black Dahlia Murder, I never saw the hype, never saw why everyone loved them and I never saw how they became so big. I was never impressed by their earlier work, however I am definitely more impressed by ‘Everblack’. People may argue and say their earlier stuff was better, but I’m reviewing it, not you.

Everblack is decent, despite how simple it sounds in parts, Trevor’s vocals really make it a beast of a release. I never liked the deathcore sound, at all, however credit where it’s due, TBDM have finally released something I like with some grooves reminiscent of some of my favourite bands (Maybe they’re learning). Despite my apprehension towards everything TBDM, all I’ve heard is that their live performance is incredible, so maybe I will seek to see them live and encourage a more informed opinion.

Production of this album is, as you’d expect, flawless. Everything can be heard perfectly at all times, which is, again, to be expected.

Track 6 ‘Control’ is the one, definitely the solid track on the album with an immense groove that will leave you breathless, and a melody that follows seamlessly to make the first minute of the song arguably the best moment on the album.
As much as I’d like to comment and compare on other albums, I have never listened to them in great depth, maybe I will.

As for negatives, I can only repeat my original sentiments towards the band.
There are moments where I think that anyone could have done this, and some elements are forgettable and fail to stand out. However there are moments of opposite, ‘Every Rope a Noose’ is a stunning track, and one definitely worth noting. Yet if you are a TBDM fan, you probably know this already.

Overall a decent effort and much better than I was expecting, I’m still not convinced in regards to the worldwide following, but whatever works for you guys. Decent album, well worth a listen, and probably the best deathcore I’ve ever listened to!