Interview with VERA B Art & Retouching

We had the pleasure of meeting the lovely London based Vera B; the self-taught artist and retoucher at The London Tattoo convention this year and we couldn’t miss the chance for a quick last minute interview, so we sat down at her stall where she had her artwork exposed before heading to the main stage shows!

Hey and thanks for joining us! When did you start getting into art and when did you start?

I have been drawing and painting since I was a kid, gradually starting drawing almost only portraits as that is what I enjoyed most and also was best at. I like drawing people. Faces, eyes fascinate me.
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I discovered Photoshop in 2005 and started doing photo retouching. I quickly realised that Photoshop gave me the means to create imagery that would either be far too time-consuming or simply not possible by using purely traditional methods.
It is funny that considering my light-natured personality my own digital art is usually quite dark, both in colour and nature. The ultimate combination for me is a surreal image with the beauty and the grotesque.
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What has been your favourite project you have worked on? Either alone, or with clients?

My favourite work is always the next project I’m starting.
Every project I’m working at a particular moment is my favourite at that time.

My recent project was working with Jordan Reyne on layout of her CD with wonderful artwork and photography of extremely talented Chris Baker (who worked with Tim Burton, Kubrick) which I found extremely inspiring! I feel very privileged to have got that opportunity!
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Right now I have done some drawings for my stall at London Tattoo Convention, mostly beautiful women with tattoos, which has been a lot of fun and I’m excited to see what feedback I will get and if I will sell anything! [Laughs]
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What are your expectations in the future (and examples of work you would like to find different from today)

In would love to learn 3D modelling for my digital art projects…and my portrait work…well, I just have to practice more I guess! A class in how to draw properly would be nice…but I’m afraid that it would just end up in me realising I’m doing it all completely wrong and you know how it is for old dogs to learn new tricks! [Laughs] When it comes to retouching I’m always looking for collaboration with alternative photographers and models.
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Thank you very much for your time!
Thank you!