Swords of Dis – Tides Of Malediction by Becky Brown

Rating: 2/5
Distributor/label: Insidious Voices

Band line up:
Alice Collins – Lead Vocals
Richard Corvinus – Lead guitar, drums and base
jonathan Collins – Rhythm Guitars,

1. The Dominance Of Pathos
2. Fane Of The Lost
3. Even Angels Bleed
4. Labyrinth
5. In The Shadow Of Eight
6. Gracing The Palace Of Forgotten Words
7. Tides Of Malediction
8. Starless Depths
9. Torn & Suffering

Starting with track ‘The Dominance of Pathos’ I was pleasantly surprised to hear a beautiful calming guitar that just simply memorizes you, they have created a unique sound that is ambient. The track builds up to a slow start where the lead singer ‘ Alice Collins’ kicks in with her unusual approach to singing. Now I’m not sure, if the style she is singing in is what the band wanted or she just cannot hit notes very well, but the off key sound that she has works with the slow ambient sound they have created with this first track, it makes the sound of them clean with a hint of roughness.

The further into the album I get the more I realise that she works better in tracks like ‘The dominance of pathos’ or ‘ In the shadow of eight’ her singing voice does not work well together with the harder side of this band , although the music itself has been constructed really well, she does not fit with the heavier aspects.

The tracks become more off key and less structured the more you listen to it. ‘Gracing the palace of forgotten words’ proves this to be true, in this track it feels like they have just placed the vocals over the music, it does not mesh well together and this is a messiest track within the album.
When ‘Richard corvinus’ plays the double bass drums and Alice slows her vocals down, it does not work well together they should have kept the two different styles separate.

The album comes to a close with the track ‘ Torn & Suffering’; the heaviest track on the album, they have kept the track structured and have worked on some parts of the vocals to make them work with the music. This is the best track next to ‘ The Dominance of Pathos’. Here they shine through, you can tell that there if effort that has gone into this track more so than any of the other heavier ones. I am pleased to hear that they have finished with this track, leaving me wondering what they will produce next.

Overall this album is not what I would choose to listen too, but if you want something a bit out there and random then this is for you.