Lahannya & Dyonisis @ Camden Underworld, London

15th November 2013
Review by Victoria Fenbane

1Sheffield’s Ethereal Rock quartet Dyonisis and Germany’s Lahannya have been firm friends since working together previously and have teamed up for a 3 date tour of the UK (Cambridge, London and Sheffield).  I caught them at The Underworld for the London date.

Dyonisis formed in 2005 and have two albums behind them.  The have a much lower profile than they deserve, however with gigs like 2012’s huge open air event with German gothic act ASP it is possible that will change

Lahannya is both a woman and a band.  Starting out solo she was joined by a full band in 2005, which includes Lutz Demmler of the highly acclaimed German act Umbra et Imago.  Lahannya herself is known to many in London from her regular metal sets in Slimelight, which used to shake up the middle floor with an injection of gothic metal sounds.  The band themselves are best described as gothic rock/metal, not sitting comfortably in any genre.  They are touring to promote their ‘Sojourn’ DVD, the most recent album being ‘Dystopia’ released in 2011.

Dyonisis are very much amongst friends tonight and there are many smiles between the front few rows in the pit and the band as they take the stage.  Nel looking coy and shy while wearing yet another pretty and enviable dress, which totally suits her.  She has no need to be as shy with such a talent as the unique voice she possesses, alluring, smouldering yet folky and incredibly emotive.

After playing three old songs they launch into a new one, looking worried that we’ll hate it.  Of course we don’t!  They have incorporated a new style (psychedelic/funk?) which would not usually be my kind of thing, but the songs are so well crafted I love how they have used the sound to attention grabbing effect.  Louisa hides at back and sometimes you only notice her when she unleashes that incredible voice, which is such a contrast with Nel’s but together they complement each other perfectly.

The rest of the set is a mix of new material and old favourites like ‘Arachne’s Song’ and ‘Lunatic’.  Despite consisting of 11 songs the set comes to an end all too quickly, but it has given a tantalising taste of the new album, which is currently in progress.

Eve’s Song
Red Rain
Of the Fear
Arachne’s Song
Let Go
Setting Sun
Rainy Day

Lahannya take the stage to an audience not much bigger than the support’s but many of the faces near the front have switched.  The low turnout is possibly not helped by a gig in Cambridge the night before.  Lahannya herself takes to the stage looking stunning, in the same outfit she wears on the cover of the ‘Sojourn’ DVD being promoted tonight.  They run through a very polished performance, aided by the crystal clear sound tonight.  The extended set includes three acoustic songs, followed by ex drummer Belle taking on a guest drum duties on ‘Burn’ and ‘Inside the Machine’.  Stand out songs were ‘Army of Freaks’, ‘Never Enough’ and ‘Inside the Machine’.

Despite this being a great set I just don’t feel it and get the impression many others don’t either.  Lahannya are bands who are much more appreciated by European audiences.  The still put on a bloody good show though!

Out of Time
Beautiful Wasteland
Army of Freaks
Dying Inside (Acoustic)
Payback (Acoustic)
Sick and Tired (Acoustic)
Inside the Machine
Save Me
Only Time Will Tell
Never Enough