Soundgarden with Graveyard @ Brixton Academy London

18th September 2013
Review  & Photography by Sabrina Dersel

London is treated to a two night event of the Seattle giants Soundgarden at the Brixton Academy and of course we are there! One bad news though, we are not allowed to take photos of tonights headliners; Soundgarden, but we could still stay and enjoy the show.

Opening for the grunge band is Graveyard and their blend of soft bluesy HardRock.

Soundgarden index_clip_image002_0027
As it is the last gig of their European tour, they are being pranked with short shorts coming down from the ceiling, as well as a rainbow projection on the big back screen of the stage!

Soundgarden index_clip_image006_0006
It has to be mentioned that the techs are dressed in very short shorts too and little white tops, leaving some of us even wondering if one of them is a man or a woman!

Soundgarden index_clip_image008_0006
Their stage lights are simple but very effective and create an atmospheric 30 minutes set, which opening with “The Siren” from The Hisingen Blues album.

Soundgarden index_clip_image010_0006
Throughout the set, strong dark riffs, powerful vocals are delivered in a very professional manner.

Soundgarden index_clip_image012_0006
The drummer; ‘Axel Sjöberg’ is quite impressive to watch, while playing and pounding the drums heavily…great start to the night.
Soundgarden index_clip_image014_0006
Soundgarden index_clip_image016_0006
Joakim Nilsson – guitar, vocals
Jonatan Larocca-Ramm – guitar, vocals
Rikard Edlund – bass
Axel Sjöberg – drums

The Siren
Hisingen Blues
Slow Motion Countdown
Endless Night

Nine o clock and the venue is packed! The lights go off and grunge legends Soundgarden arrive on stage to the applause of the audience.
Soundgarden index_clip_image018_0004
The following two hours are fuelled with impeccable vocals. Chris Cornell is in great shape, despite tonight being the last gig of the tour. His singing is so effortless; it must make some other singer’s envious. No wonder the band has been around for so many years with a fan support always growing bigger.

Soundgarden index_clip_image020_0003
In spite of the band splitting in 1997, due to clashing over Cornell’s desire to shift away from the heavy guitar riffing; that had become the band’s trademark, they reunited back in 2010 and then released their sixth studio album “King Animal” two years later.
Soundgarden index_clip_image022_0004
Their music is still heavy yet ethereal and is pushed further with the projection of psychedelic imagery, inspired by the artwork of the King Animal opus on the huge backdrop…needless to say every fan here was hypnotised for two hours.

Each band member was introduced; Kim Thayil on lead guitar, Matt Cameron on drums, Ben Shepherd on bass guitar are fantastic musicians, with Ben really giving a show of his own, swinging his bass around and playing aggressively on it.
Soundgarden index_clip_image024_0004
There was not a weak track being played tonight, but one particular song has to be mentioned, which was the closing track of the night, which was playing with an extended version of “Beyond The Wheel”, from the debut studio album “Ultramega OK”. Chris is establishing himself as the freaking vocal master of the universe!

It’s been a privilege to witness the reunion of a legendary band, one of the best known founders of the grunge movement back in the 80s. Long live grunge!

Matt Cameron – drums
Chris Cornell – lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Ben Shepherd – bass guitar
Kim Thayil – lead guitar

Room a Thousand Years Wide
Hunted Down
Ty Cobb
Non-State Actor
My Wave
The Day I Tried to Live
Been Away Too Long
A Thousand Days Before
Burden in My Hand
Fell on Black Days
Blow Up the Outside World
Rusty Cage

Blind Dogs
Like Suicide
Beyond the Wheel