Diary of Dreams @ Purple Turtle, Camden

With Red Sun Revival
3rd November 2013
Review by Victoria Fenbane

The popularity of German darkwave act Diary of Dreams in the UK, has grown steadily over their near 20 year history. Their slow rise in recognition can be attributed to their subtle blend of gothic rock and synthpop; too goth for some, too ‘bleepy’ for others and for those who find perfection in this balance there are dedicated fans.
These fans have ventured out on a dark and wet Sunday evening for a special one off show in London. The band themselves are just as dedicated, having driven the 250 odd miles from Whitby after performing at WGW the previous evening.

Local support act Red Sun Revival are a recent addition to the music scene in comparison to the headliners, however being the only support act they have been given a full length set and thus have attracted many fans of their own tonight.

As always they put on an excellent show, which tonight is bolstered by the excellent sound in the Purple Turtle. Their set includes a few new songs, which Facebook chatter has revealed, many have been eager to hear. The new material goes down a treat next to established material from debut album ‘Running from the Dawn’. Rob’s powerful vocals are attention grabbing and overall they are an ‘interesting’ act and one you can’t help but keep watching. Definitely one for the hardcore goth rock fans and part of the renaissance goth rock is currently undergoing with a number of high quality new acts appearing in the UK.

Diary of Dreams take the stage looking tired, Adrian however can mask this with his nowadays rugged stubbled look. Having seen the band perform more often in German speaking countries than my native Britain, it always comes across as a bit of a surprise to hear Adrian address the audience in English, however this should not be when one considers the high standard of English in his lyric writing.

The early stage time is down to the lengthy set to be performed. All the favourites are here from across their discography. DoD are not currently promoting any specific material – the most recent being the 2012 ‘best of’ releases ‘Dream Collector II’ and acoustic album ‘The Anatomy of Silence’.

Dance floor hit ‘Butterfly Dance’ makes an early appearance in the set, coming after long time opener ‘The Wedding’. UK scene breakthrough song ‘The Curse’ closes the set before the encore. Unsurprisingly they are still playing ‘rock’ versions of originally more electronic songs such as the abovementioned ‘Butterfly Dance’, ‘ Amok’ and ‘Chemicals’ and I expect this is to remain a feature now that side project .com/kill has been unleased on the world.

Despite being knackered, the whole band put on an impassioned show. First release ‘False Affection, False Creation’ closes the set and would be a huge treat for dedicated fans if it hadn’t been a setlist staple for a while now. In fact the whole setlist has been the same for a couple of years, but when the band have been dragged out of creative isolation, in the mist of writing the new album (scheduled for release in early 2014) they can’t be blamed for churning out a ‘best of’ set.

I was grateful to see able to see them before their 12 month exile which will be imposed after they perform at AltFest in 2014. Otherwise you’ll need your passport to catch them!

Into X
The Wedding
Reign of Chaos
Echo in Me
The Plague
King of Nowhere
The Curse

False Affection, False Creation