Ivardensphere – The Methuselah Tree by Ben Spencer

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/ Label: Metropolis Records

Band line up:
Scott Fox – Electronics/Drums
Jamie Blacker – Electronics/Drums/Vocals
Yann Faussurier – Electronics
Sean Malley – Drums
Chuck Murphy – Drums/Vocals

Album Track List:
1. Mother of Crows
2. Bloodline
3. The Doorway
4. A Black Sun on the Horizon (Invocation)
5. Break the Sky
6. Snakecharmer
7. The Impossible Box
8. Observing Bartok (Stamping Dance)
9. Society of Dogs
10. Eclipse
11. Second Sleep
12. Narada
13. The Methuselah Tree

Tribal Trance Electro, may be a bit of a tongue twister to pronounce and it may even sound like something that fundamentally wouldn’t work in practise, once you get your head around all the components required to make it work. If this is the case, think again. The Methuselah Tree is about to raise eyebrows and injecting something nothing short of exhilarating into the realms of trance and electro music.

Mother of Crows opens with an eastern sounding sitar and operatic vocals that set the tone before the tribal drums and violins weave their way into the sinister sounding opener. An interesting opener that certainly played our in a way that will leave you intrigued to learn more.

‘The Doorway’ follows a juxtaposition between drums and electro dynamism, as well as an ambient section thrown in for good measure as the more classical elements leak into the mix.

Meanwhile, ‘Break The Sky’ showcases some vocals, that come an interesting string section before accelerating into a distorted convergence of aggressive lyrical passages and filthy sounding synth beats.

The record plunges down further experimentation with the versatile instruments and ethereal vocals of ‘Snake Charmer’ and more notably the flute section in ’Observing Bartok’ which reflect a more dreamy approach to the bands craft.

Stand out track, ‘The Impossible Box’ remains a strong contender for the records most solid moments, with plenty of reasons to take to the dance floor and bust some serious moves to the replay of lyrics, “The fact of the matter Pandora’s Box is just Pandora having a good time”.

The duality of male and female vocal in ‘Society of Dogs’ also leaves its mark as another high point of the record that comes with a heavily textured sound that mirrors the narrative flawlessly.

The solid sounding, ‘Eclipse’ plays out as the most tangible floor filler that you could easily groove along to at any club night. Devoid of vocals and coated with thick electronic waves to heighten the euphoria levels in the room.

Closing off with, ‘The Methuselah Tree’, the sombre sounding vocals sway through the opening minutes with a visceral electro layers that glide along effortlessly giving rise to a more cinematic undercurrent sweeping through your ears and sucking you into its wake like a vacuum.

Final thoughts, what surprised me about this album was the attention to detail throughout each song as each one seemed equally as formidable in their own unique way. Whether you want something get you moving at a club or looking for something more introspective, this record serves both to a very high standard that will become hard to surpass. Highly recommended for any fans of electronic based music.