System Syn – No Sky To Fall by Joffie Lovett

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/label: Metropolis Records
Band Website:

Band line-up:
Clint Carney (song writing. studio work. live vocals)
Adam Vex (live synth and backing vocals)
Jon Siren (live drums)

Album Track listing:
No Sky to Fall
The Privileged
The Boys Who Make the Music
Hide and Seek
Daydream from a Deathbed
Breathe In
Truth and Consequence
A Prayer of Ending

Los Angeles based EBM/Synthpop group System Syn return with their new album No Sky To Fall, a melodic and dancey collection of very catchy electronic tunes that fuses elements of both modern styles and nods to the old school electronic music world with Marc Almond-esque vocals mixed with modern, beautifully sounding layered synths and a mixture of both electronic simple beats mixed with more aggressive live drums to create a much wider, richer and varied range to their music as compared to many other of the standard and generic sounding releases within the same genre that there are out there.

Stand out tracks for me include the more up tempo Myth which is sure to be a floor filler amongst the alternative clubs as opposed to slower songs on the album such as Empty which I can see the purpose of but the difference in tempos between the two tracks and the fact that they are one after the other I personally think breaks the momentum of the album somewhat just when the energy is starting to peak. But in all honesty there is a really nice range of songs here from the slow, mellow and melodic to the faster and heavier which definitely helps keep your interest in wanting to listen to the album from start to finish. I’m just personally more of a fan of the faster songs such as Myth that you can really have fun with on a dancefloor.

All in all this is a really cool album to sink your teeth (or fangs I guess you could say) into if you’re a fan of EBM/Industrial/Synthpop & Gothic music in general. It’s upbeat, it’s atmospheric, it has great catchy synth and vocal lines and it’s music that you would definitely expect to see fill up a dance floor. All great boxes to be ticking when putting together an album of this musical style and for me it’s definitely an album I’ll be spinning more and more in the future I think. If you’re unaware of System Syn’s stuff currently as I was then be sure to at least check out the song Myth if you can and I’m pretty sure you’ll be hooked from there as this is a really fun and energetic album filled with a wealth of great and catchy tunes to put a smile on your face.