Killswitch Engage with Trivium, Miss May I, Battlecross @ Brixton Academy

Date: 2nd February 2014
Review by Chris Hoyles

I arrived in London with just under an hour to get to Brixton Academy when i got there i found that the cue was around the block at least 4 times over.

as i was waiting to go in the cue Battlecross did their set which i missed the first band i saw on the night were Miss May I.

Miss May I have been touring all over the USA with Killswitch Engage, Trivium and Battlecross for most of last year,

they are from Troy, Ohio and have released 3 albums so far ‘Apologies Are for the Weak’, ‘Monument’ and ‘At Heart’.

and will be releasing their new album ‘Rise Of The Lion’ in April.


Band Members

Levi Benton
Ryan Neff
Jerod Boyd
Justin Aufdemkampe
B.J. Stead


1.Relentless Chaos
2.Masses of a Dying Breed
3.Our Kings
5.Day by Day
6.Hey Mister

From the first riffs of Relentless Chaos followed by Masses Of A Dying Breed and Our Kings from Monument they had the small crowd who were assembling inside the academy in the palm of their hands.

With crunching metalcore and thrashy guitars plus thundering drums and aggressive and clean vocals.
Next a new track ‘Gone’ from their forthcoming release ‘Rise Of The Lion’ and finished off their set with ‘Day By Day’ and ‘Hey Mister’ from the ‘Heart’ album.

I was really impressed with this band and can see them playing more high profile gigs higher up the bill in the near future. Next up were Trivium whose stage set with fake ice and snow looked really good.

Band Members

Matt Heafy
Corey Beaulieu
Paolo Gregoletto
Nick Augusto


1.Brave This Storm
2.Like Light to the Flies
3.4.No Way to Heal
6.Shattering the Skies Above
7.Through Blood and Dirt and Bone
8.A Gunshot to the Head of Trepidation
9.Down from the Sky
11.Capsizing The Sea
12.In Waves
13.Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr

Trivium’s set started with searchlights in darkness before they broke into ‘Brave This Storm’ from the new album ‘Vengance Falls’ their set list was a mix of old and new tracks,

the next few songs ‘Like Light To Flies’from Ascendancy,’No Way To Heal’, ‘Strife’ from ‘Vengance Falls’ got the crowd moving ‘A Gunshot To The Head Of Trepidation’,’Down From The Sky’

got one of the first pits started and to finish off ‘Shogun’ this was followed by an encore of ‘Capsizing The Sea’, In Waves and crowd favourite ‘Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr’

This is the first time i’d ever seen Trivium and Killswitch Engage live and i wasn’t disappointed amazing stage show, strong guitars,drums and amazing vocals makes me want to see Trivium again soon.

Then it was time for a band i’ve waited to see since their inception in 2000 Killswitch Engage with original vocalist Jesse Leach.

Band Members

Adam Dutkiewicz
Jesse Leach
Mike D’Antonio
Justin Foley
Joel Stroetzel


1.A Bid Farewell
2.This Is Absolution
3.The New Awakening
4.The Arms of Sorrow
5.This Fire Burns
6.Beyond the Flames
7.Rose of Sharyn
8.Rise Inside
10.My Last Serenade
11.Turning Point
12.Fixation on the Darkness
13.In Due Time
14.The End of Heartache
15.My Curse

Killswitch Engage have had a few lineup changes  over the years most notably having 2 vocalists Jesse then Howard then Jesse rejoined in 2012  i was looking forward to seeing Jesse Leach back behind the mic.

Eye Of The Tiger started their set in comedic fashion as always then straight into a mixture of tracks from ‘End Of Heartache’, ‘As Daylight Dies’, ‘Alive Or Just Breathing’ and the new album Disarm The Descent’

‘A Bid Farewell’ got the crowd singing along with favourites ‘This Is Absolution’, ‘The Arms Of Sorrow’,’This Fire Burns’, ‘Rose Of Sharyn’, ‘Rise Inside’ creating two circle pits either side of the stage which in the end i got involved in.

With new tracks ‘The New Awakening’, ‘Beyond The Flames’, ‘Turning Point’ and ‘In Due Time’ fitting in nicely with old favourites.

‘Always’ stopped the circle pits long enough for a nice chilled sing along and the band announced that the set was being filmed for a live dvd if the quality is good enough….here’s hoping it will be, because it will be a must own dvd to own if they release it. ‘End Of Heartache’ finished the set with shouts for an encore which Killswitch Engage did with ‘My Curse’.

I left the gig after having a great night and making it my best concert I’ve ever been to just wish I could of saw Battlecross.

My advice is, if these bands are ever in your neck of the woods go and see them you will not come back disappointed… I wasn’t !