Category VI – Fireborn by Ben Spencer

Band Name: Category VI
Album Name: Fireborn
Rating: 4/5
Released: 2013
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Band Line up

Amanda Gosse – Vocals
Geoff Waye – Guitars
Keith Jackman – Bass
Adam Thistle – Drums



Album Track listing

1. Vinland
2. Real Lies
3. Silence Befalls the Crowd
4. The Raven
5. Reborn
6. Beginning of the End
7. Descent of the King
8. Wasting Away


Category VI are ready to create some serious waves, with a renewed line up and fully harnessed sound that harks back to Dio and Iron Maiden, their unique concoction of melodic Metal is finely tuned in their latest release Fireborn.

Plunging out with the epic sounding guitars of ‘Vinland’, the sonic driven pace scales through with catchy drums and eccentric guitar solos, making these guys a serious force to be reckoned with.

The cathartic led vocals of ‘Real Lies’ and its solid sounding bass grooves keep the momentum going with the well coordinated drum work locking everything into place.

Meanwhile, ‘The Raven’ packs a serious punch with metallic guitars and piercingly clear backing vocals pervading throughout, with plenty of guitar hooks set to reel in even the most demanding of Metal fans out there. The finger tapping lead showcases the band’s professional approach to song writing that will no doubt get pits stirring at live shows.

The vocal ranges of ‘Beginning of the End’ plough through the layers of guitars and tight sounding drum blasts effortlessly with a anthem sized chorus that marks this as one of the band’s most memorable moments. The solos burst out with further array of fret board wizardry.

Category VI go out in style with the climactic departure of ‘Wasting Away’ a track that glides through with speedy drumming, monstrous sounding riffs and plenty of energetic lead guitar passages

Everything on this album worked. From the high level of musicianship to exploration of their lyrical journeys the record felt both cohesive and whole. What’s more is how each song was distinctive within its own right but managed to fit together with organically offering up something that is as versatile as it is strongly rooted in the Metal genre. Top work guys.

Review by Ben Spencer