Foetal Juice by Jo Blackened

Foetal Juice is a brutal Death Metal band based in the UK, who have a passion for all things gory and the perverted side of life, that includes influences of serial killers and necrophilia.
Band Members:

Sam – Vocals
Ry – Guitar
Ben – Bass
Rob – Drums

Foetal juice band picUp to know they had played various shows and built up a healthy following playing alongside bands such as, Kastrated, Ghoul, Cannabis Corpse, Neuroma, Wormrot, Exhumed, Severe Torture, Annal Nathrakh, Desecration, Prostitute Disfigurement, The Rotted, The Afternoon Gentlemen, Cancerous Womb, Slit, Life denied, Theoktony, Ingested, Sarpanitum, Putrid pile, Cerebal Bore, aswell as headlining their own shows with many other local metal acts. We have also played many underground festivals around the uk, such as Dead Haggis Fest, ‘Kin Hell Fest and Blastonbury.

This year they have already got a UK and Ireland tour with Desecration, Basement Torture Killings and Zombified, also a tour through Germany, Belgium, France and Holland being organised.
Aswell as securing themselves  a slot with a  number of festivals this year too, such as Extremefest (Germany), ‘Kin Hell Fest (UK) and Chimpyfest (UK)FJTsm

If you’d like to book them or get in touch for anything please send a message to

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So, check these guys out!

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