Psyclon Nine – (Order of the Shadow: Act 9)

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Metropolis
Released: November 12th 2013

psyclon_nine_oots1Band line-up:

Nero Bellum

Rotny Ford

Jon Siren

Glitch NIX



1. (Act 1: Consecration)
2. Shadow Unveiled
3. Suffer Well
4. Glamour Through Debris
5. Some and See
6. Afferte Mihi Mortem
7. Use Once and Destroy
8. Remains of Eden: II
9. But, With a Whimper
10. Order of the Shadow (The Heretic Awakened)
11. Take My Hand While I Take My Life
12. (Act: I) Penance
13. The Saint and the Valentine


Straight out of the Bay Area Psyclon Nine return after a minor hiatus because a member’s opiate addiction needed to be sorted out.

It´s still cold, dirty and gloomy in Psyclons Nine´s universe.

The rough sound cuts like a knife through the ears. Psyclon Nine is not for the industrial and EBM fan that is seeking easy listening. There is not much for your ears listening pleasure here and don´t expect grooving and danceable beats throughout the whole experience. Expect industrial in the word´s bare meaning; cold as steel and a sense of no hope for the future. It is melodic, but singer Nero Bellum’s vocal won’t give it’s listener much of a break.

It is when Psyclon Nine show their ability to write blasting anthems, such as “Glamour through Debris”, that they turn into an interesting acquaintance. Rumour has it that “(Order of the Shadow: Act 9)” will be the band’s last release. Shame, as their latest release proves that the band still drives on anger and aggressive lust.

Psyclon Nine even takes it down a notch on the suicidal ballad “Take My Hand While I Take My Life” without compromising with their trademark.

The production is polished and clean without taking away the layer of dirt that lays over the band’s raw sound.

Review by  Ellen Norvang