Commercial Suicide – Serenity Broken By AWG

Band Name: Serenity Broken
Album Name: Commercial Suicide
Rating: 2/5
Distributor/label: Self Released
Released: 13th July 2012
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Serenity Broken - Commercial Suicide

Band line-up:

Aris – vocals
Andy – guitars
Marios – guitars
Lukas – bass
Victor – drums







1. Tattooed Heart
2. Shadows
3. Slip Up
4. Alone?
5. Our Hate
6. Right In Me
7. Another Fading Memory
8. Def
9. Deception
10. Beat It Outta Me
11. Sweet Mistake
12. Def Feat. George Kollias


A British-raised psychopath singer, a fashion addicted drummer, 2 tube gain freaks and a motocross animal joined forces and ‘SERENITY BROKEN’ was brewed.

Gigs followed in various clubs in Athens, headlining shows in the local underground scene, intense moments supporting Greek legends Rotting Christ, forged the band’s attitude and experience. Suddenly out of nowhere and after 8 months of intense studio work the band completes its first self-financed full length album entitled “Commercial Suicide” that released at July 13th 2012!

Mixed & mastered by the well known producer Ahti Kortelainen (Sentenced, Sonata Arctica) at Tico Tico Studios.

Now I always try to be positive in my reviews, but I am finding anything that for me really makes ‘Commercial Suicide’ standout and pack that ultimate Hell YES punch, I guess I was expecting more from the Titles of the tracks ‘Tattooed Heart, Shadows, Slip Up’ there was nothing different about anything within the first three songs, each one sounded the same as the last.

OK I know that this album was self-funded and for that I salute you for investing your very own money, but I would say please step back and take a breath and try again there is something missing. Ok these guys have passion to do what they do.

‘Commercial Suicide’ might appeal to some metalheads out there but it is way to commercial to soon

Sorry Guys

Review by AWG