Amarok & Hell – Split LP by Chris Peet

Rating: 3.5/5
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Hell & Amarok - Split LP

A refreshing change up for the second half, Amarok at least try to show progression through their half even if some of the progress is a little basic and stifled. A wonderful dirge of a breakdown splits their track beautifully, this could be the soundtrack to your crucifixion, conjuring images of a sad faced jester being keelhauled through the killing fields by a lame donkey. Although they have played their progressions a little on the safe side they still manage to chug along with more interesting rhythms leaving you less likely to be swinging from the rafters after this LP. Now I’m gonna go rinse my ears out with some JKH and scratch Hell off my list of places to visit just in case it’s no coincidence
Hell’s discordant introduction is scant preparation for the tortures that lie beyond. Rather than taking the sledgehammer of doom straight to your head it detours via the path of the rectal thermometer, trudging through your colon to only prod repetitively at your brain slowly over 20 hellish minutes. Their offering is as uninspired as it is uninspiring, failing to vary itself enough to even help you differentiate between the almost identically paced tracks. Heavy influences from the likes of Boris can be heard early on but they obviously haven’t plagiarised enough to be entertaining so I would only recommend this for Hell’s hardcore fans