DEMONSTRATİVE – The Unsigned Stage

Demonstrative is a heavy metal band from Ankara/Turkey which was formed in 2011 by drummer Yağız Koray Demirtaş and rhythm guitarist Arca Karakan.
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Brutal Vocal:Toygan Tatlısu
Guitar(Rhythm): Arca Karakan
Guitar(Lead): Erim Çelik
Bass Guitarist: Ege Demirdüzen
Drum: Yağız Koray Demirtaş
The band had a long process of member changes and today’s staff has been created. In 2013, they decided to start recording their original tunes.

After a long period of time full of labor, the song was completed. Then, they came to an agreement with their camera director, Güvenç Selekman, and recorded their music video. Since then, their adventure in the world of heavy metal had begun.

Their first song ”Never Give Up” catched a great extent of attention. They had sponsorships and they indicated that they will start working on an album to be released soon. In 2014, Demonstrative had lots of support worldwide and thus, they had their place in the almighty heavy metal circle.

They continue their work and they need your support to maintain it and to get more motivated doing these works. Demonstrative appreciates everyone.

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