Unspeakable Axe Records To Release SABBATORY’s “Endless Asphyxiating Gloom”

On May 27, Unspeakable Axe Records will release Endless Asphyxiating Gloom; the debut from Canadian death metal band SABBATORY. 
Their band name may evoke Sabbat and their album title the Dutch masters Asphyx, but Winnipeg’s SABBATORY really hew closer to two twin poles of ancient extremity: Teutonic death metal (Morgoth in particular) and the mighty Celtic Frost.  Somewhere in the dark territory between lies Endless Asphyxiating Gloom.

SABBATORY have several years of experience playing live and recording a prior demo, and members have also played in numerous other Winnipeg acts, including the death/thrash machine Besieged.  Now their debut album is ready to be unleashed.  Expect nothing less than death the ancient way with well-honed riffs and tortured vocals from the depths.

Distribution for Endless Asphyxiating Doom will come from Dark Descent Records.

SABBATORY - Endless Asphyxiating Gloom



1. Being, Thy Eternal Perplexor
2. Hypnotic Regression
3. Corrosive Decay
4. Infantasy
5. Endless Asphyxiating Gloom
6. The End of a Pessimistic Voyage
7. Orbiting Obscuron




Sabbatory are death metal from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Key band members have been off-and-on members of Besieged. This summer they will appear at the RRROOOAAARRR fest in Montreal alongside scheduled acts Blasphemy, Revenge, Funebrarum and others.
SABBATORY - Endless Asphyxiating Gloom.2
Sabbatory: www.facebook.com/pages/Sabbatory/302276589803917