Approaching Dawn (A.D.) – The Unsigned Stage

Approaching Dawn (A.D.) are an all original heavy metal band, aswell as a groove-driven heavy music act whose technical aggression, intense beats and high energy ride the edge of metal. They have left their footprint on Chicago and Milwaukee and the spaces in between.
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Formed in late 2010, Approaching Dawn (comprised of Keroin on vocals, Patrick on drums, Rick and Steve on guitars and Bill on bass) is based out of the Chicago land area.

They have played in direct support of such recognized bands as Lamb of God, Shadows Fall, and Devil Wears Prada, to name a few. A.D. has also shared the stage with other prominent bands in the metal community: Abiotic, Within the Ruins, The Faceless and Soil.

Approaching Dawn

Along with this exposure, a second album is in production and is slated for release in late 2014. A.D.’s first album entitled Evolution of Reality was released in June 2012 to praise from fans and critics alike and is currently available via iTunes and Amazon. According to Miguel Ramirez from Mundo Rock Webzine, Evolution of Reality is “very explosive and modern…potent and indelible.”





Approaching Dawn’s music creates a strong emotional response in the listener. When it comes to experiencing A.D. live, the extra ingredient of consumption is the adrenaline filled energy of the band as they perform before their audience.

Approaching Dawn.2
This band is driven, dedicated and focused on giving everything of themselves to their music.  As a result of this, Approaching Dawn’s thought provoking lyrics and powerful rhythm stays with you long after the show is over or the album stops.

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