Exhumation – Hymn To Your God by Ryan Spearman

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Dunkelheit Prodktionen
Released: Feb 2014
[ALBUM] [Ryan Spearman] Exhumation - Hymn to Your God



1) All Seeing Eye
2) The Apotheosis
3) Parasites & Enemies
4) Omnipotent
5) Dominion
6) Hymn To Your God
7) Ritual (Blasphemy cover)






Straight out the jungles of Indonesia, come Exhumation, a shining beacon in the country’s fast growing death metal scene. Heavily influenced by many death metal styles, the band’s debut full length release Hymn To Your God is 29 minutes of furious anger, tight precision and stomach curdling guttural snarls. Although independently released in 2012, German label, Dunkelheit Prodktionen, polished it up, and was released in February of this year.

Straight from the opening chord of All Seeing Eye, you are pummelled to submission by unrelenting blast beats and technical riffage. It’s the perfect amalgamation of forward thinking technicality, and raw primal fury, a rarity in death metal as a whole, as its too much of one, or the other. Take the galloping pace of Behemoth, the intricate nature of Nile and the power of Vader, and you get the raw elements that make up the structure of their sound.

I hope that Exhumation can use this as a springboard to something great, as they’re a band which can punch through the glass ceiling, and reach the upper echelons of death metal bandom. But it does beg the question, could Hymn To Your God be better? Perhaps. It’ll be interesting to see if they live up to that next time around, as I have high hopes for Exhumation. The next Carcass maybe? A step too far some might say, but not far off by any stretch of the imagination.

Review by Ryan Spearman