Mushroomhead Interview with Skinny by Rhys Heal…

J Mann: Vocals
Jeffrey Nothing : Vocals
Waylon : Vocals
Shmotz : Keyboards
Skinny : Drums
Stitch : Samples & Drums
Church : Guitar
Dr. F : Bass
Roberto Diablo : Drums

Thank for answering my questions; how are things in the Mushroomhead camp at the moment?
Awesome very exciting time for us.

A new album in the pipeline with to as near as an original line-up since your still-much loved ‘XIII’ era and of course the original vocal-line up; how has that been in terms of coming together and making material again for ‘The Righteous and the Butterfly?’
This LP was really cool to create lots of experimenting… It damn near wrote itself.

Although we have seen releases since that have been undeniably works of Mushroomhead, it seemed to most that Mushroomhead had been missing vital ingredients for the best part of a decade; has this been sentiment been felt by the band as well?

Not at all, Mushroomhead is all about evolution.

Focussing on the return of Jason; way back when, there was talk that he would only be a guest addition. What effect has his now full, re-inclusion in the band had on you guys as a whole?
The energy on stage with all three is amazing and there’s a lot less beer now.

Jeffrey and Jason’s amazing dynamic behind the microphone was one of the elements which rubber-stamped Mushroomhead as a band for the ages; has this dynamic returned? How has it been bringing Waylon in to the mix?
It’s back alright… Dynamic as ever and again energy of all three.

Has there been any challenges in taking full advantage of having three, very strong throats in the mix?

Making space in the mixes was probably the biggest challenge.

With this very unique set-up up front, what has that meant for the rest of your guys? Have you found yourselves with even more ability to experiment more with musical styles?
Absolutely… More possibilities than ever… Especially with all the electronic stuff.

Is there anything in the new Mushroomhead material that we have never heard before? If so, how did this come about?
Biggest thing is all three singers on one song together also some brand-new guest     Jackie Laponza from Unsaid Fate and Jus Mic from 10,000 Cadillacs.

Has the near completion of this unit enabled you to include things that weren’t possible before?
Not really, Mushroomhead  has always tried to throw the kitchen sink at everything!

You’ve just played the Soundwave festival and are well and truly on the run up to releasing ‘The Righteous and the Butterfly…’ what comes next for you guys?
Lots and lots of touring… and drinking….

Thanks again