Interview with Absinthia Stacy by Jarod Lawley

Absinthia Stacy is the nickname of Anastasia; a Greek alternative model born in Athens, in the early ‘90’s.
She started modeling at a very young age and while only 19 years old, she has already achieved goals that are very difficult to be reached by other alternative models, especially in a country like Greece.

Photo credit:  Alexandra Hraskovska Photo credit: Alexandra Hraskovska

Hi Absinthia, thanks for the interview, could you please tell the readers what you do and what you are currently up to?

Hello and thank you for the interview too! Well…I guess that what I do depends on who you ask.
I am Absinthia Stacy, just another alternative model/go-go dancer.

I also am Anastasia; the socially awkward Psychology student…then again, for others I am that “weird green haired girl who is a literature enthusiast”. And what am I up to? I model, I go-go dance, I study psychology, I write, I read, I blog and sometimes I breathe. Always trying to do something new and challenging.

Photo credit: Alex Spider Photo credit: Alex Spider

You say you started modelling at a very young age; did you start off in the alternative field or do other kinds of work first?

I started off in the alternative field. I’ve always been in love with the alternative  culture and I’ve been following the whole “lifestyle” since my early teens. I can’t imagine myself not being a part of this culture, especially when it comes to modeling, where mainstream girls are so tall and tanned, unlike me. *laughs*

Panos Bakogianis,accessories by Dark Embrace,MUA Panagiota B Panos Bakogianis,accessories by Dark Embrace, MUA Panagiota B

What was the reaction from those closest to you that you wanted to start Alternative modelling at just 15?

First of all I would like to mention that my parents and best friends have been very supportive all those years.
On the other hand, believe it or not, I lost some of my so called friends just because I did my first steps in “modeling”. I was accused that I would change, that the industry is tough and I would end up doing drugs, being anorexic and date only male models…gossip around those activities also went crazy.

Some of my best friends back then started treating me like I was at fault about my confidence boost and eventually, those were people that got out of my life really soon – thank God!

Photo credit: Alex Anagnostopoulos Photo credit: Alex Anagnostopoulos

How have you found getting alternative modelling work in Greece, do you think it would have been easier in any other country?

Greece has always been a country that when you step out of the ordinary it is very hard to make achievements in anything. It’s not that people with alternative style get judged because of their choice everyday, it’s deeper and worse.

First of all, even the alternative scene itself doesn’t approve alternative modeling-it doesn’t even fully comprehend what it stands for. Greek alternative people still believe in stereotypes like the 6 feet blonde thin swimsuit model-they consider anyone diverging from this a “wannabe” or an “attention seeker”, which is pretty sad.  While we should be supporting our local scene, we are sabotaging anyone who tries to stand out.

This, along with the crisis has led everything in decadence. Only few clubs, brands and alternative artists have managed to survive in those hard times, which makes trying to be an individual in this society and groups very exhausting. It is extremely difficult to find paid jobs anymore, when, 2 years ago, it was something completely normal for me.

Photo credit: Francis Jay Orbizo Photo credit: Francis Jay Orbizo

Secondly, mainstream industry has a total understanding on what alternative modeling is, but doesn’t really respect it. Alternative people are puppets of the mainstream trends and fashion. Stylists, directors, singers, almost every single part of the greek “showbiz” tries to take advantage of anyone ”different” in order to earn money – and always in a disrespectful way. We are considered “freaks”, ”weirdos” and we are only useful as a representation of the social outcast. Greek media constantly attacks to our reputation with stereotypes or humiliation.

So yes, It would definitely be easier in any other country, but I am not the type of person that would move in another country to make things easier for me or others. I will stay here and push everything and everyone to their limits, because that’s what I do: I work. Hard.

Photo credit: Nasos Avramis Photo credit: Nasos Avramis

You are a prize winning poet and you also run a few blogs, could you tell us more about your writing and where we can read your work?

I am very secretive about my writing since I consider it (as my tattoos might reveal) a form of mental nudity.
I also want to avoid the stereotype of the “dark girl with the weird taste that is into dark poetry”, my writing is based on past experience and it is pretty much shocking.

I have once been described as “something between Bukowski and Burroughs in a young age”…of course I find this description very flattering and I have difficulties accepting it – they are my “sacred monsters”, I guess this happened because I really think they influenced me in so many ways.

Photo credt: Panos Bakogianis Photo credt: Panos Bakogianis

I used to write and be published under my real name but I gave that up pretty fast and I started using random nicknames. So, I will tell you where you can read more of my “work”, but not how. I’ve won 2 writing competitions during 2012-2013 – you can find more info about those awards in local newspapers. I’ve had one poem published in a poetry collection during 2012.

I’ve written one article at Greka magazine a couple of months ago. I run a secret blog, since my previous one, called “Tales of Absinthe” got more popular than I really wanted to and I am also an admin of the first Greek Steampunk blog(by my official nickname though).

Photo credit: Wild Rose Photo credit: Wild Rose

What photographers have you worked with, and do you have any particular shoots that stick out in your mind?

I ‘ve worked with many photographers, such as;  Wild rose/Nicomark/S.Katopodis/S.Kakouris/Alex Spider/Kate Fairystar/Baron Anastis/Chronos/K. Kosmidis/J.Tsilidis/P.Bakogiannis/Th.Papadakis/Irenka/Alexandra Hraskovska/Freddie F./T.Oreopoulos/S.Petsa/G.Karydis/Katja Kat/Alex Anagnostopoulos/Nasos Avramis/   Damini Summer/Francis Orbizo/ Mallil and maaaany more.

Photo credit: Wild Rose Photo credit: Wild Rose

Panos Bakogiannis is definitely my favorite one though – he is a very good guy, professional and very into the alternative lifestyle and aesthetics.

Lately I fell in love with the Steampunk culture so I did a Steampunk shooting and I really want to do more.
I also love the Japanese Lolita concept, I am planning to do more on this subject too. I adore anything Harajuku – related since my very early teens too. I am also a sucker for magical creatures like fairies, fauns etc. and of course, for anything pagan.

Photo credit: Anastasia Thoma Photo credit: Anastasia Thoma

Apart from shootings, have you done any work for clothes brands or bands?

I’ve worked with BRAIN SHOT clothing, Dark Embrace accessories ,Clic Jewels, Ano’s Dreads, Marina Dressiou clothing, Unique Perfection Merch, Art Code jewelry .I’ve Done fashion shows for Black N Rose shop and Lady Lucie latex and I’ve worked with greek artists such as Phatjack, Hi profile, Kostas Martakis etc. Of course I am planning to do more.

Photo credit: Wild Rose Photo credit: Wild Rose

What other activities do you pursue outside of modelling and your writing?

Apart from modeling and blogging, I study psychology and I go-go dance. I am extremely picky about my go-go dancing though so keep in touch, you’re gonna see me do some really interesting things with dancing. I am also deeply in love with psychology so I am attending seminars and I am also getting ready to give my first speech with my friends/colleagues at an academic conference, and do many academic activities as well

Where would you like to see yourself in five years’ time?

I really don’t know where I will be, but I know how I want to be happy and healthy.

Photo credit: Niki Moore Photo credit: Niki Moore

 Thanks very much for your time Absintha, where can the readers check out your work and find out more about you?

Thank you! All my work is concentrated in my page: and since I am an official VF model you can find me also here

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