Season of Arrows – Season of Arrows by AWG

Rating: 1/5
Distributor/label: The Path Less Traveled Records
Released: April 2014
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Season of Arrows - Season of Arrows
Band line-up:
Stormie Wakefield, Vocals
Brandon Shepard, Guitar
David Gates, Guitar
Shawn Van Dusen, Bass/Back-Up Vocals
Brad Lawson, Drums

1. Submersible
2. The Loved One
3. Soul of the City
4. Ox Blood
5. Columns
6. Sleepwalkers
7. Trace Elements
8. Bad Weather
9. Rival





Season Of Arrows is a five piece rock band from Nashville, TN. Some of the members have been in and out of numerous bands together since 1998. This band was started in January of 2014.
Season Of Arrows strives to build passionate and strong music that will transcend the stereo types.

I take my hat of to bands that release music and show their talent to the world, but for me this was a not a good recording by far. “Season of Arrows” have released a very bad recording here, these guys remind me of “Hole” perhaps I was expecting to much from a band that hails from Nashville.

Nothing is blending and everyone appears to be doing their own thing…not what I class as a music experience I like to have, but I am just one voice.

Review by AWG