Shear – Katharsis by AWG

Rating: 4.5/5
Distributor/label: LifeForce Records
Released: April 2014
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Band line-up:
Lauri Koskenniemi Guitars
Alexa Leroux Vocals
Mikael Gronroos Guitars
Silver Ots Bass
Lari Soro Keyboards
Juhana Karlsson Dums


1: Katharsis
2: Last Warning
3: Home
4: Heaven into Hell
5: Hollow, Black & Cold
6: I Care
7: A Hopeless Tragedy
8: Whispers Follow You
9: For The Restless
10: Not Myself
11: Turmoil





The Finnish sextet impresses with a mature and beneficial designed sound, that is catchy and heavy at the same time. Just as important: SHEAR are playing authentic and honest music that is based on deep-seated emotions and a latent slope to great hymns. This is their “Katharsis”. The chosen style is of subordinate importance for the effect of the perfectly balanced songs. Metal and rock come to fruition to create a Scandinavian heavy sound with a fresh approach and a convincing self-conception.

They say if you listen to “Katharsis” you will fall in love with the talented, Charismatic vocals of Alex, THIS IS SO TRUE! “SHEAR” have produce a bloody awesome album with “KATHARSIS”, yet the intro throws a massive curve ball at you Track 1 “KATHARSIS” has such a powerfull DOOM feel to it that when “Last Warning” starts you are left thinking what the hell just happened, but one thing can be said about “Shear” and that is these guys are not of the normal female fronted rock bands. Shear have uncovered yet another bow that shows that female singers can lead the charge and shake of the shakles and step out of the shadows that have been cast over them by so many in the music industry.

As you take the journey through “KATHARSIS” you are treated to a powerful ride, it has been written that “Shear” fall Somewhere in between melodic metal, symphonic power and classical rock, this might be the case for some reviewers that have not experienced true talent before, but for me “Shear” have opened up a whole new genre.
The best way to sum it up is Power Metal meets Hard Rock, yet it is hard to pigeon hole these guys and that is a bloody good thing in my eyes.

Not a single track on the album holds a bad apple, each is highly unique, hard hitting, soul enlightening and really makes you want to have a great time.

Go and Buy this album….You will not be disappointed

Review by AWG