Interview with Cradle of Filth’s Dani Filth by Peer Ynt

The band which enters its third Dark Age this year – CRADLE OF FILTH has recently returned from the European tour with BEHEMOTH. With that said the band’s recent announcement of an exclusive show in Coventry, UK where tickets would cost only £5 each (you read that right, my friends) came as an intriguing news one would only expect from an underground band.
We had a quick chat and through afew questions to the frontman DANI FILTH.

“We’re terribly nice people under the darkened exterior” – Dani Filth

Hey and thanks for your time today! What made you choose Coventry for your exclusive show?

Dani: Hi there! Coventry was chosen as it fell within ample jurisdiction of Kettering and Altfest, (the festival we’re headlining the Metal stage of, the next evening), and whose organisers are also putting on the show at the Kasbar nightclub. Plus it’s fairly centrally situated in the country making it easier for fans to to get to, and to be fair, we haven’t played there for absolute yonks.

Dani Filth - Photo © Tim Tronckoe 2014
Dani Filth – Photo © Tim Tronckoe 2014

5 pounds is a price we would normally pay to see up and coming bands. How come Cradle of Filth have been so forthcoming and let people save more money towards drinks?

Dani: Because we’re terribly nice people under the darkened exterior and also want to fill the place up with our fans. We haven’t been too forthcoming with live shows in England of late (purely by default only and not by choice, having played shows much further afield in places like South America, Russia and Asia), so it seemed like a good idea to provide a warm-up for the festival date. Plus fans are generally noisier when they’ve thrown a few drinks down their necks.

Dani Filth - Photo © Tim Tronckoe 2014
Dani Filth – Photo © Tim Tronckoe 2014

How likely is that the Coventry’s show will be similar to what can be seen on “Heavy, Left-Handed and Candid” DVD?

Dani: All Cradle shows are a full-on visual experience, though this one won’t be televised like the Nottingham Rock City show that formed the hub of the DVD. It will be totally similar if you discount having different members, a different stage show and playing a different club! But we will playing some classic Cradle tunes for sure and the show will look spectacular.

The Curse of Venus Aversa

Taking into account the fact that the graphic novel “The Curse of Venus Aversa” has just been sent off for printing, how likely it is to expect references to this novel during the show in Coventry?

Dani: Very unlikely as the graphic novel is an gothic horror entity unto itself. It just represents another part of Cradle’s cannon, exploring the occult origins surrounding the original formation of the band.

Dani Filth - Photo © Tim Tronckoe 2014
Dani Filth – Photo © Tim Tronckoe 2014

You’ve recently toured with Behemoth, but for any fans that may have missed you, any chance another UK Tour might happen any time soon?

Dani: Seeing as Cradle are in the midst of writing a killer new album, then I’d say very likely next year for a full UK tour. The blame for not touring can’t solely be laid at Cradle’s feet either, as promoters have to be more forthcoming with shows other than those booked in the capital. We’d quite happily play in Inverness or Little Buxton On The Naze, but there has to be a credible demand for the band to appear there first…

When can we expect ‘Devilment’s’ debut album to be released?

Dani: My other band Devilment are in negotiations with a few record companies as we speak, so hopefully, fingers-crossed, we are looking at an Autumnal release. I say this as the deal feels close and the album, entitled “The Great And Secret Show”, is finished, bar a few small revisits here and there. Plus all the artwork, which was undertaken by the artist extraordinaire Drake Mefestta, is also nearly completed and looks effing amazing. And touring shouldn’t be much of an issue as our manager is also a prolific booking agent, which is handy!

Dani Filth - Photo © Tim Tronckoe 2014
Dani Filth – Photo © Tim Tronckoe 2014

And how active is ‘Temple of the Black Moon’ at this time?

Dani: My other…other band, which is comprised of 5 people from 5 different bands, (The Cult, Volbeat, Godseed, Enslaved and Cradle Of Filth) have just signed an album deal, though only the drums (which were recorded in LA) have been actually committed as yet. I actually signed the contract for TOTBM in one of the bars at the Houses of Parliament, as a well-known MP who runs a music program called Rock The House, invited me and management along for a few swift pints and a nose-around. It was pretty cool, easier to get past security than at Gatwick (or so it seemed) and standing on the roof below Big Ben on the strike of eight was quite a surreal bloody experience.

Thanks for your time Dani!
Thank you

Cradle of Filth’s  demo “Total Fucking Darkness” is out on the 5th of May, 2014 in the UK. Pre-order it here.

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