Reality Grey – Define Redemption by Anubis Dracul

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/label: Bakerteam Records
Released: 15 April 2014
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Copertina Define Redemption
Band line-up:

Tommy – Vocals
Alex – Bass
Albo – Guitar
Anto – Guitar
Claudio – Drums

Track listing:

1. Ascension Lapse
2. Deadlock
3. Rot Of Nation
4. I Despise
5. Equilibrium
6. Departed Designs
7. Burn The Sky
8. Hypocrisy Breeds Hatred
9. Define Redemption



These Italian deathsters have been around since 2004 with 2 releases already under their belt.
This offering from the band will please the ears of the modern Death Metal brethren, but to me it’s not true Death Metal but more a mix of elements of Death, Screamo and metalcore without the shitty clean vocals.

It’s very balls out and melodic, with great musicianship with some nice hooks, but for me it doesn’t light up my world, as its very melodic death with the break downs and shreds and lacks the groove old death metal use to have, don’t get me wrong it’s a good release, but it’s nothing new.

This will appeal to the younger audiences into the more melodic death scene, with a very American feel to it which is a shame, as I wish bands would find their own sound. But overall not a bad album, a relentless melodic death shit storm to make your ears bleed.

Review by Anubis Dracul