Vanhelga – Längtan by Anubis Dracul

Distributor/label: Art of Propaganda
Released: 28th April 2014
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 Band line-up:

Vocals and Lyrics: J. Gabrielson (ESKAPI, ex-LIVELOVER)

Bass/Guitars/Vocals: J. Ottosson/aka 145188 (ex-LIFELOVER (live session musician), ex-SKOGSTRON)

Guitars: J. Ejnarsson (TAKETH)

Guitars: D. Wadström (ex-SKOGSTRON)

Drums: D. Franzén


Track listing:

1.         Svartsint ömhet
2.         Där evigheten inväntar mig
3.         Evig förändring
4.         Med mina andetag
5.         Joyless
6.         Låt snön falla
7.         Kärleksförklaring
8.         Vansinnesvardag
9.         Narkotisk uppgivenhet
10.       Eternal night
11.       Förbarma
12.       Exploderande känslostorm


Right, I am a big lover of Black Metal in all its forms and I do like the old D.I.Y lo-fi style of Darkthrone and the old B.M.  demo’s, but sometimes it just doesn’t sound right and just sounds bad.
If you are going to do a “Kult” B.M sound, at least get the damn levels right and don’t make it sound like instruments were added by someone playing along to a cd player!!

I gave this a few listens to try and see where it was coming from, as there are some good riffs in there and would-be great atmosphere, if only you could hear the damn thing. The acoustic guitar is just over powering and just drowned out the feel of the rest of the instruments which spoiled it for me.

If you’re going to do lo-fi at least do it right. I know there will be persists out there disagreeing with me but at least with the old demos and early Darkthrone albums you could hear what was going on.

The purists will probably love this, as it had so much potential if mixed a little better. I hope this is not going to cost a lot to buy, as to me this is no better than an old 4 track recording from the early 90’s and even then it sounded better than this. Sorry guys, as much as I tried that damn acoustic ruined it.

Classic B.M and would be a great album if only a little time spent on the mix.

Review by Anubis Dracul