Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats/Black Moth/Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell @ Glasgow G2 23rd April

23rd April 2013, Review & Photography by Gavin Lowrey

Squeezing 3 bands into a show with  a 10.15pm curfew is always a nightmare and this was no exception with yours truly still sorting out his photo pass when the elloquently named Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell hit the stage bang on time. Launching into their 30 minute set with a gusto that doesn’t let up, as the crowd that bothered to turn up to show their support, have their ears abused in the best possible manner by the Hastings trio.

The set consisting of 6 tracks intermixed with some witty “Derek & Clive” style banter leave me to believe that we have not seen the last of Bill Darlington (Drums) Louis Comfort-Wiggett (Bass) and Johnny Gorilla (Guitar & Vocals) and their in your face, no bollocks style of music (think Budgie on speed)

The Stand out tracks are “Devils Island” and “The Thicker the Better” but the whole Shovell experience is very pleasurable and made me think that this band are one to keep your eye on and look out for the next time they are in town


Do it now, Devils Island, Running from home, Black Sheep, Bullet Proof & The Thicker the better

The crowd is a bit better for the next act, Black Moth, from Leeds, who sneak onto the stage before launching into “”Undead King” followed by the upbeat “Articulate Dead”.

What follows for the next half and hour is some great riff led stoner/grunge fayre that takes an interesting twist with the feminine charms of Harriet Bevan on vocals.


The rest of the band, Dave Vachon (Bass), Dom McReady (Drums), Dave Swainston (Guitar) and Nico Carew (Guitar) lay down some great vibes that makes me wonder if they will be able to get a bigger time slot the next time they are in Glasgow so I can enjoy a wee bit more of that they have to offer.

photo 1

Wondering how headliners; Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats, will play tonight was going through my mind as we waited for them to come on stage, as when I saw them, supporting Sabbath at the back end of last year, they seemed a bit lost on the massive Hydro stage.

Here though they own the stage, and the wall of sound that comes from the stage is a throwback to something from a generation previous. The mystery increased by a total lack of frontal lighting and only red & green lights from the back of the stage offer any form of luminescence that bathes the crowd and totally bypasses the band.

There is little banter from front man Kevin Starrs but lets the band’s psychedelic doom prowerse do the talking…..and to be honest, it is more like a shout as we are taken through a selection of tracks that are an even spread from their 3 albums, with the highlights of the 70’s time-warp being the catchy “I’ll cut you down”, The Charles Manson dedicated “Poison Apple” “Vampire Circus” and the Epic “Desert Ceremony” that closed the show

Uncle Acid have been called a one trick pony by some areas of the music press, but what I saw here was a band at the top of its game and ready for more


photo 2