We all love the chance to win free goodies but how often do you get the chance to actually watch your idols from the side of the main stage? Or even get the opportunity to rub shoulders with the alt elite at the artists bar and meet up with some of the bands playing?

Those nice folks over at Alt Fest are offering just this opportunity!!

alt fest comp banner
We all know that we have the ability to unite and be people powered…. be that getting Rage Against The Machine to number One or taking online action for a cause close to our hearts.

As an Alternative and totally independent event, powered by the people, crowd led and crowd curated we want to ask you to help us take over Facebook. Together if we all get involved and share posts etc we can do this and fully realise the power we the people have.

I went out last week and asked as many people as I could if they knew about Alt-Fest and despite a heavy flyer and marketing campaign there are still many Alternative people who unbelievably don’t know about us! So we want to ask YOU to help us, we want to get the word out and virally reach as MANY people as possible via Facebook. In return apart from a lovely warm feeling for supporting us and our gathering of the tribes we’ll be offering up a huge amount of prizes as if you didn’t need any encouragement!

YOU are our media and with your help we can make Alt-Fest even bigger AND better than it already is!

Head over to the Alt Fest site to take advantage:

Best be quick though – competition closes 1st June!!