SCHÖNGEIST Confirmed for München’s Free & Easy Festival

Gothic Industrial rock band SCHÖNGEIST have been confirmed for Free & Easy Festival – a 17 day event of concerts, parties and films in München, Germany.

Schöngeist was founded in 2006 by vocalist Timur Karakus who wanted to express himself through music and to demonstrate the beauty and harmony even of the most common things. The name of the band can be translated from German as “beautiful spirit” or “aesthete”. This wordplay reveals that the aesthetics, beauty and music are inseparable while Schöngeist songs balance on the edge between despair and euphoria allowing listeners to feel the whole palette of emotions and go even deeper.

The band’s music is a fine mixture of different influences, tunes, elements and what not: harsh and heavy guitars, powerful rhythm and elements of the dark scene are gently diluted with oriental notes thanks to the e-violin, the presence of which is one of the band’s peculiarities. The mesmerizing voice of the singer Timur and the expressive lyrics create an ethereal atmosphere inviting us to a journey through the world of dark romance, poetics and melancholy full of love, despair, hope and delicately restrained passion.

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