Karl Cleeren (vocals)
Frederic Cipriani (synths & programming)
Filip Marchal (guitars)
Jo Driesmans (guitars)

Questions answered by Karl Cleeren
Hey, thanks for your time today. Please tell us how Doganov began and what is the meaning behind the name?

After putting their former band on hold Karl and Fréderic continued writing music. In this writing process, they suddenly stumbled upon the ideal band. This is how Doganov started in 2010.
It took one night of practice to be convinced. 2 guitar players joined: Filip and Jo. Not only could these guys sense really well what the idea and music was about, but there also was a personal click between the four of them. Sometimes things just fall into their place.

With you current line-up, you have two guitarists but without a bass player…does this affect you playing live on stage?

It gives us more room to move around… No, I’m just kidding… The fact that we don’t have a bass player has its influence on our sound. It’s part of our ‘secret’ recipe for the Doganov sound: electronic bass.  And it has no effect live whatsoever. We’re just a band without a bass player. 🙂

You combine dark dance, ebm with a gothic vocal feel…do you feel this makes you stand out from the other EBM acts out there?

Do you feel it makes us stand out? We are well aware that we have our own unique sound. But that is also the way we experience music as we write it. It comes natural. We just cannot do it any differently. And if that makes us stand out from other bands, that’s ok.

You are currently unsigned…are you looking for a label?


Is a full-length album on the horizon? If so, would you produce it yourself?

When the full album will be recorded, we will probably get a producer.
The reason is simple: at a certain point you just don’t hear it any more. We are not a rock band. We compose behind a mixing / recording table with guitars, mics, keys at hand. So we are producing ourselves from the beginning. An extra set of ears with know-how is a good thing.

Doganov (1)

What are your plans for 2014 and the future for Doganov?

Do some more shows and write new songs. For starters. There is no big master plan. But if opportunities arise, we will be ready.

If you could tour with anyone, who would it be?

Rammstein, Nine Inch Nails, Front 242 and so many others…

If you could play anywhere, where would it be?

Pukkelpop! Pukkelpop is a festival in Kiewit, Hasselt (B) at the end of august. I also live very near to it. That would be like a home-game.  We all live around Kiewit, where it’s held and it is probably the festival we all attended the most. It is just a cool festival.

Are you attending any festivals this year?

Not yet.

What is your writing process like? Do you all contribute together?

The composing starts mostly with Karl and Fré. Together or separated. They do all the foundations: sound wise, the arrangement and the structure. Always keeping in mind that there will be extra guitars added. And afterwards we throw all the stuff at Filip and Jo. So they can get their groove on with the music.

Have you always been into the dark dance, goth alternative scene?

We all have a different background and influences… Metal, Dance, Rock, Industrial, Goa, Gothic … So we have not always been just in the goth scene… Doganov has been places. 🙂
You can also hear it in our music.

Doganov (3)
Fréderic, used to produce other artists, is this something you’d continue to do in the future?

We already did. We remixed “Skin tight” by I:Scintilla. A cool band from Chicago. They were so thrilled with the results that they decided to play our version live.

While touring in the past, do you find performing to a club crowd different from a typical gig?

There is no typical gig for Doganov. That is the beauty. We played on Metalfestivals, Danceparty’s, small bars and so on. You just cannot put Doganov in one specific genre. It is a crossover. A fusion of different styles, topped with the Doganov-sauce.

What are your musical influences and favourite bands you are currently listening to?

As said before. We listen to almost everything. Me (Karl), I am listening to Dimmu Borgir while doing this interview. Like we said. MANY different styles. But it is music. Nothing is more subjective. If it is good and it grabs you it is ok. Metal can do that, pop music can do that, Beethoven can do that… All for one person.

Outside of your music, what other hobbies do you like to do?

Relaxing, doing stuff in and round the house, spending time with our loved ones… 🙂

Lastly, is there any message you’d like to give our readers?

Get your groove on with Doganov!