Desecration – Cemetery Sickness by Gary Trueman

Rating: 4/5
Distributor Label: Metal Age Productions
Released: 2014Cemetery-Sickness-Album-Cover2-286x300
Band line up
  • Ollie Jones: Vocal Guitars
  • Michael Horihan: Drums
  • Andi Morris: Bass
Track listing
  1. Cemetery Sickness
  2. Coffin Smasher
  3. I, Cadaver
  4. Recipes Of Horror
  5. Rotten Brain Extraction
  6. Cunt Full Of Maggots
  7. Cabletie Castrator
  8. Mortuary Debauchery
  9. Tactile Necrophile
  10. Cut Up And Fed To The Dog
  11. Grave Secrets


You have to hand it to Desecration, even in the world of extreme metal it’s very rare that a band manages to put out an album so controversial that it is banned immediately and those responsible end up getting arrested under the obscene publications act.  That’s what happened with 1995’s ‘Gore And Perversion’ and it took a year for the Welsh trio to clear their name (sort of).

Amusingly three years later their follow up ‘Murder In Mind’ featured a song titled ‘A Message To The Censors’.  Wales it seems might well be known for daffodils and nervous sheep but it clearly breeds bands that take their freedom of expression very seriously indeed.

Roll forward to 2014 and we find that time has not diluted Desecration’s appetite for the overtly offensive.  They still put out cover art that many artists would baulk at, even extreme ones.  They have a whole host of new song titles to infuriate the conservative minded.  ‘Cunt Full Of Maggots’ springs to mind from this newest release.  Thanks for that lads, that’ll put me off lights out sex for months.

The fact is though when you look harder you see a band with their tongue very firmly in their cheek.  Not to mention the music itself is very good indeed.  It’s astonishing that this is a three piece really, just a basic guitar, bass and drums set up with the two front men sharing vocal duties.  Combined they make a hell of a fantastic noise.  It also helps immensely that whoever was responsible for mixing ‘Cemetery Sickness’ knew exactly what they were doing.  The production is spot on.  No matter how brutal it all gets you can still hear every note, every beat and every word.

Title track and opener ‘Cemetery Sickness’ is typical of the whole album.  It thunders along like a runaway train very reminiscent of early Cannibal Corpse or post ‘Scum’ Napalm Death.  In particular the vocals have a ‘Utopia Banished’ feel about them.  There’s some variation not usually found in death metal too, clean vocals.
‘I Cadaver’ may be a little awkward compared to other songs on the album but at least the Desecration guys are trying something outside of their comfort zone.  It’s as a full on death metal act that they excel though and this latest album is quite simply in the premier league.

‘Cemetery Sickness’ may well offend some but I have a feeling most extreme metal fans who hear it will love it.  Forget yellow flowers and sheep, Desecration might just be about to make Wales famous for making amorous men turn the lights on.

Review by Gary Trueman