Infernal Curse – The End Upon Us by Gary Trueman

Rating: 2.5 / 5
Distributor / Label: Iron Bonehead Productions
Released: 2014IC 1Band line up

Nocturnal: Guitars / Vocals

  1. The End Upon Us
  2. Lascivious Malevolence
  3. Waters Of Phlegethon
  4. La Dioso Del Avemo (Hadez Cover)


Lying somewhere between black and death metal Argentina’s Infernal Curse have been plying their noisy trade for six years now and already have a brace of both demo’s and EP’s along with 2012’s full length ‘Awakening Of  The Damned’ to their name.  It was the latter which really got people’s attention marking a huge step up from what had gone before.  Two years on and we have a new set of songs to salivate over, the question is though, have Infernal Curse kept the momentum going or stalled?

In reality the answer has to be neither.  This is more of a failure to change gear than anything else, partly because of the four songs on offer the first two suffer from production so woolly you’d think you were listening to it through your gran’s knitting.  That said when the fog does lift on ‘Waters Of Phlegethon’ the sheer earth shattering power of this band soon becomes apparent.  Taking much of its brutal nature more from grindcore than anywhere else the cherry on the cake is an intricately delivered crisp guitar which serves to balance out the low end rumble you inevitably get elsewhere.

Better still is ‘La Dioso Del Averno’ (Hadez Cover) where suddenly everything sounds sharp and fresh.  It’s a funny thing that the one non original song has a far superior balance to it than the others.  There’s no real reason for it either which is a shame because clearly Infernal Curse can pen a tune and know how to play.  I’d also defy you to find a vocalist as unearthly as Nocturnal, his voice is perfect for this type of music making you actually believe demons do exist.  An EP of mixed blessings ‘The End Upon Us’ at the very least shows extreme music is alive and well as a global entity.  And when music unites us the world becomes just that little bit smaller and safer.

Review by Gary Trueman