Malauriu – Presagi di morte

Rating:           4.5/5
Distributor/label:  Self Released
Released: March 10th 2014
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Malauriu - EP PROMO

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Sentieri Di Morte
Oltre La Soglia
Culto Del Caos
Valzer Macabro
La Trib+¦ Dei Giudei
Figlio Della Croce
Dannazione Eterna


Malauriu is a Sicilian word which means “ill omen”.

The band was born in 2013 in Sciacca, the trio (Asmodeus, Marbas and Otis) plays a contaminated kind of Black Metal but yet firmly rooted in early 90’s scene. These guys sing in their native tongue which works very well with the guttural possessed vocals.

You can hear the early 90s BM influences such as mayhem and Darkthrone, this e.p is full of atmosphere and dark brooding aggression with the classic old school necro sound.

The instrumental pieces add atmosphere to the release and leads nicely into the each track building on the oppressive feel to the ep. For a debut this is great and a must for the collection, keep an eye out for these guys in the future \m/

Review by Anubis Dracul