Darkest Era – Severance by Tony Bliss

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/Label: Cruz Del Sur
Released: June 16th 2014



Ade Mulgrew – Guitar
Sarah Weighell – Guitar
Krum – Vocals
Daniel ‘Baldy’ O’Toole – Bass
Cameron Åhslund-Glass – Drums





1. Sorrow’s Boundless Realm
2. Songs Of Gods And Men
3. The Serpent And The Shadow
4. Beyond The Grey Veil
5. Trapped in the Hourglass
6. The Scavenger
7. A Thousand Screaming Souls
8. Blood, Sand And Stone


Often rather worryingly shoehorned under a ‘celtic metal’ umbrella, Ireland based quintet Darkest Era thankfully fall shy of any flute toting foolishness and Gregorian hymn claptrap, and instead offer up a veritable feast of stridently tradtional yet fiercely modern metallic bombast, hinting all at once to the scathingly extreme and the fist pumpingly anthemic.

Booting off with the big chorused majesty of ‘Sorrow’s Boundless Realm’, Darkest Era nail their intentions to the mast with a surging display of melodic muscle and instrumental violence. From here, the tracks ebb and flow with a wonderful dynamic gusto, from the galloping swing of ‘Trapped in The Hourglass’ to the progressive pomp of closer ‘Blood, Sand And Stone’, the band imbue a traditional sense of lung troubling vocal hooks and twin guitar meshing, yet ramp up the drama tenfold with a welcome understanding of conceptual grandeur.

Given its focus on Emerald Isle folklore, ‘Severence’ is perhaps even more of a tour de force in epicness than we could have foreseen. The soaring refrains nod towards Iron Maiden at their most inflated, the stomping riff work and chest caving percussion carrying a weight of mythological fortitude worthy of metals most captivating of storytellers.

As it is, this is a sophomore record oozing both evocative atmosphere and all the steel clad clout of an outfit steeped in metal know how.