Rating: 4/5
Distributor/Label: Bigsound-nc
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Released: 2013

gautamaBand Lineup:

Cloé Soriano – Vocal/guitars
Verdier Alexandre – lead guitar
Fontebasso Bruno – bass
Colin Soriano – drums


4.Black anvil
5.Shanti land
6.At the gates
10.All is silence


Hailing from Nouvea City, New Caladonia are the ambitious Gautama, showcasing their unique blend of death metal and thrash on their debut album All Is Silence.

There’s no sign of any holding back when the All is Silence kicks off with ‘Ebony‘, a hard hitting, heavy and well played track that sets the bar high for the rest of the album and the good thing is, Gautama keep that high standard all the way through the rest of the ten tracks on offer.

Gautama‘s mix of heavy, hard death and thrash is certainly unique. Think the headbanging grooves of Pantera, the clinical technicality of Lamb Of God and throw in some old school Sepultura and you get an idea of what the band are about.

Another outstanding element about the band is lead vocalist Cloe Soriano. I’m usually not a fan of female vocalists in metal (sorry, girls!) but here Cloe shows off a great blend of range and ability with a style like Phil Anselmo or Max Cavalera in tracks such as Octopus and well executed clean singing in Shanti land and it works to the band’s advantage. The latter of the two tracks slows things down and catches you by surprise showing that Gautama have a few more cards up their sleeve than what you may have thought upon first listen.

Overall, there’s great playing all the way through and the sound on the album is fitting for the band, a blend of old school crust which may be off-putting for some but which loses none of it’s flair of edge, All is Silence is a fantastic debut and how Gautama replicate their influences in the bucket load but still manage to craft their own style is something a lot of bands fail to do. It’ll be interesting to see how the band can build on this release in the future.

Review By Andy Taylor