Wacken Metal Battle Canada Champs MUTANK Post Jam Video w/ New Track ‘Channel Change’ + Mu-Year Montreal Show July 25 + Performing At Wacken Open Air For International Metal Battle July 30th!

Formed when three Newfoundlanders crossed paths in the Canadian heavy metal capital with Ahmed Saad who hails from the Middle East, the injection of music immediately began to flow through their veins and M.E.C.H. metal was soon born.

L to R:  Liam Hinchey- Lead Guitar |Steven Breen – Rhythm Guitar| Ahmed Saad – Drums | Stephen Reynolds – Vocals and Bass | Photo Credit – Mihaela Petrescu
L to R: Liam Hinchey- Lead Guitar |Steven Breen – Rhythm Guitar| Ahmed Saad – Drums | Stephen Reynolds – Vocals and Bass | Photo Credit – Mihaela Petrescu

“It stands for Middle East Coast Heavy Metal; Our drummer being from the Middle East and the rest of the members being from the east coast of Canada,” explains Stephen Reynolds (bass, vocals). ‘Every single person in this band is a songwriter, so the songs come out with their own feel and develop naturally.’ continues Reynolds. ‘We don’t shackle ourselves to any kind of focused idea, which brings about a sort of honesty in the music not often found in metal.’

Wacken Metal Battle Canada champions MUTANK have posted a new video from their recent jam session, which includes a new track called ‘ Channel Change’ that can be heard at the following link:


The band commented the following on their facebook band page: 

“For a Tank Mu we got together and made a new jam vid in the tank. New song included called Channel Change. Check Steve-out’s radical bass riffage, and Steve-in’s debut behind the mic. Come hear Channel Change and another brand new song on Friday night at L’alizè with Lich King and Trainwreck Architect and Reanimator. Say goodbye before we leave for Germany!!!”

MUTANK is gearing up for two big gigs, firstly their MU-Year show in Montreal, QC at L’Alize on July 25th to celebrate their one year anniversary with support from Lich King, Trainwreck Architect and Reanimator.  Show details can be found at the following link: https://www.facebook.com/events/587438138044342/

Plus the band will be heading off to Wacken Open Air to compete in the international Wacken Metal Battle representing Canada on July 30th on the WET Stage at 2pm local time.

Their debut release ‘M.E.C.H. Metal’ is now available as a pay what you want download on bandcamp http://mutankthrash.bandcamp.com/ plus audio cassette.

Show Dates:

July 25 – Alize – Montreal, QC – w/ Lich King, Trainwreck Architect, Reanimator

July 30 – International Wacken Metal Battle @ Wacken Open Air – Wacken, Germany – 2pm – WET Stage

Aug 22 – Trailer Thrash Fest – Saint-Pie, QC w/ Reanimator, Eternal Judgment, Death Lullaby, Venomenon, Dissension and more!

Music Video – The Heavy Hand of The Doomsday Clock’



Album Stream – http://mutankthrash.bandcamp.com/album/m-e-c-h-metal

Track Listing: M.E.C.H. Metal

1. M.E.C.H Metal (2:04)
2. MUTANK (4:03)
3. Minions (3:49)
4. W.A.R. (1:57)
5. Heavy Hand of The Doomsday Clock (3:38)
6. No Spoils, No Mercy (2:48)
7. Corporate Child (2:35)
8. Thrashback In Time (4:02)

For more info on Mutank, please visit the following links:




EPK – http://ashermediarelations.com/epks/epk-mutank-m-e-c-h-metal-2014/