We Have A Ghost – Self Titled by Ben Spencer

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/ Label: Bleeding Light Records
Distributor/ Label URL: http://bleedinglightrecords.com/
Released: 2014
Buy Album: http://bleedinglightrecords.bandcamp.com/album/we-have-a-ghost
Band Website: https://www.facebook.com/wehaveaghost and http://wehaveaghost.bandcamp.com/

we have a ghost
Band Line up

Ghost (all instrumentation and vocals)

Album Track listing

1. The Secret
2. Computerrok
3. Electric Blanket
4. The Incident
5. It Is What It Is
6. Walk Away
7. Meadow
8. To Begin Again
9. Marymoor Park
10. Sleepy Cells


We Have A Ghost is an anonymous solo artist who prefers to keep his identity shrouded in mystery and let the music do the talking. The self titled debut album spans across 10 tracks and pulls together the best sounding elements of Ulver, Katatonia and Mogwai.

Unravelling to the piano led intro of ‘The Secret’ the track bounces between melody and electronic instrumentation from the outset. Whilst everything remains wholly instrumental, it remains engaging throughout and certainly sets the tone for the rest of the record.

Next up, ‘Computerrok’ plays out with a more distinctive electro vibe that wouldn’t sound out of place on Nine Inch Nails The Fragile. The drum work remains consistent with plenty of catchy beats as the electronic beeps reverberating throughout.

The standout, ‘Electric Blanket’, is a track that will catch most listeners of guard with its ambient tones that resonate from the song’s opening minutes. The vocals were also a welcome addition and certainly fit the subtle and minimalist song structure.

Much of the record plays out in a similar manner with predominantly synth driven soundscapes pervading throughout. However, this is not to say that the record loses momentum and becomes repetitive. There is actually enough in the way of diversity for any fan of electronic music to extract something memorable from this record. From the delicate sounding ‘It Is What It Is’ to the heavier drumming found in ‘To Begin Again’.

Closing off with ‘Sleepy Cells’ the fragile sounding influences as the piano takes centre stage once again. Around halfway through the eerie use of keys subside into a more intense sounding electronic passage that builds up into the albums final moments, marking this a high departure to the album.

What works with this record is the strong level of quality control with their music. The style doesn’t fall into an overly indulgent mish mash of different electro beats nor do the short length of the tracks feel underwhelming or incomplete. If anything, what can be taken away from this experience,  is that We Have A Ghost certainly know to conjure vast atmospheric landscapes that pull you in to a heavily textured world with plenty of depth. Great work.

Review by Ben Spencer