1000MODS – VULTURES by Ryan Spearman

Rating:                                 4/5
Distributor/label:              Lab Recordings
Distributor/label URL:    labrecs.com
Released:                            2014
Buy Album [URL]:           http://1000mods.bandcamp.com/album/vultures
Band Website:                   https://www.facebook.com/1000mods

Band line-up:

Dani: Bass/vocals
Giannis: Guitars
George: Guitars
Labros: Drums


1) Claws
2) Big Beautiful
3) She
4) Horses’ Green
5) Low
6) Vultures
7) Modesty
8) Reverb Of The New World


Greece isn’t the most likely place to find psychedelic stoner rock, but then again, stranger things have happened at sea I guess. 1000Mods have already played with the likes of Colour Haze, Brant Bjork and Graveyard to name but a few, which goes to show they have some sort of resemblance to being a big deal. The follow up to 2011’s Super Van Vacation, is a thrill ride of massive riffs, and intense psychedelia, I feel sort of ashamed not to discover these guys sooner.

Using Play Doh as an analogy, if you took Dozer, Kyuss, Colour Haze, Monster Magnet and Electric Wizard, and constructed a crude man like construct with it, you’d have something close to how 1000Mods sound. This is most prevalent on the opening track ‘Claws’, which starts off with that twinkly Dozer element, morphs into that all out desert sound of Kyuss, then the ending is a collection of drone like, destructive riffs much a kin to Electric Wizard, proving the sheer diversity of this fairly unknown beast.

OK, so perhaps the rest of the album doesn’t show the range of the first track, but don’t let that statement take away from the fact that they aren’t afraid to push the envelope so to speak. ‘Horses Green’ stands out for me, as without the use of mind altering drugs, it just drones on and on, yet if that’s how you choose to live your life, then perhaps it’ll be so up your street, they’ll be right next to you, about to take that trip to a higher astral plane.

This is an album of many highs (literally) and although it doesn’t quite hit the standards of ‘Dopes To Infinity’ (Monster Magnet), it’s not a long way off. If you like fuzz, huge riffs, and everything with that mind bending hue to it, then as your attorney, I advise you to take this album. There’s a new player on the desert rock scene, and not one to be sniffed at.

For fans of: Kyuss, Monster Magnet, Dozer

Review by Ryan Spearman