Quintessence Mystica – Duality by Drekavac

Rating 3.5/5
Released: 2014
Band Website: http://www.last.fm/music/Quintessence+Mystica
Distributor/label: Schwarzdorn Production
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[ALBUM] [Hy Perion Drekavac] Quintessence Mystica - Duality

Track Listing
  1. Prelude- The secrets of victorious decision
  2. The infinite dance of numbers
  3. Sparks of the glorious fire
  4. Impulse of Courage
  5. Inversion of reality
  6. Destruction of galaxies
  7. Creep & Damage
  8. Equations of Daemonic revelations
  9. Breathing of saturn rings
Line up:

Dromos Aniliagos




The first song on this album, “Prelude”, starts with a brief flute introduction which runs into an orchestral composition of sad strings that float nicely with a crescendo of horns and drum strikes. Bells ring out and the melodies become more fantastical in parts. So far I am anticipating symphonic-ally fantastical affairs from the get go.

The slow start is abruptly ended with a mass of black metal riffage and blast beats that is only softened by a grandiose wall of symphonic sound. The song does not relent even when the vocals come in. The feel of the song is brutal yet epic. Sweeping pianos and strings rise and fall throughout the song but the symphonic presence is generally maintained. The third song “The infinite dance of numbers” starts off in kind of the first song fast and aggressive, though an interesting change of pace the tempo breaks smoothly into a more even paced collection of symphonic and guitar driven melody. It picks up in place returning to faster tempos but the symphonic elements and use of tweeting flute parts maintains the overall feel. Towards the end there is some groove set into the guitar riffs that add to the tracks overall diversity.

Most of the songs are of the same vane, with epic symphonic parts and guitars with varying levels of groove.

Overall this is a very good album although at times the guitars, vocals and other instruments take a back seat to the Symphonic elements which are very dominant. The colourful nature of some of the Symphonic elements is interesting and refreshing though ultimately works in contrast to the darker nature of the sound; which sometimes puts it at odds with its almost cartoonish and juvenile feel. This factor is sure to be a great opinion divider amongst listeners.

The vocals in general are very well sung, and with some variation they stay fresh. The production values are very good though the levels could easily lead one to believe that the mixer likes classical music more than black metal. I don’t think this is an album purists will like, or embrace, though I would suggest they try it as the guitar work in places is very much rooted in traditional BM. Fans of Dimmu Borgir, Carach Angren and Hecate Enthroned will very much like this album.

Review by Drekavac