Veldes – Skyward by Ben Spencer

Rating: 2/5
Distributor/label: Razed Soul Productions/Ominous Domain
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Released: 22nd July 2014
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veldesBand line-up

Tilen Šimon – music, lyrics
Rok Rupnik – guest vocals

Track listing

2.Woe Eater
3.Of Rain And Moss


After a piano and violin led intro, ‘ Skyward’s tone is set as ‘Woe Eater’ ruptures with heavy drum pounds metallic riffs and an underlying passage of keys resonating back and forth. The trademark Black Metal rasps enter within the first few minutes and its only after the blast beats purge forth that the track really starts to gain some momentum.

‘Of Rain and Moss’ plays out with further classical touches and slower guitars that erupt with further emphasis upon shrieking vocals and consistent drum pedals thumping endlessly away. The lead guitar also worked well at keeping things relatively engaging.

Closing off with ‘Gone’, you begin to wonder how it found its way onto the record, as the monotonous sound could easily send anyone off into sleep like state. This isn’t necessarily bad instrumental but I can’t help but get the feeling it was somewhat misplaced.

Finding where the redeeming qualities lies with this record can be difficult to pin point. On the one hand Veldes utilize a pretty decent range of influences in their orchestral meanderings and when things get going they can have a formidable sound. However, this is also where the biggest problem resides, as the band’s musical exploration sways and loses direction. ultimately what you are left with is a record that falls face flat on the ground for what could have otherwise been a solid EP.

Review by Ben Spencer