Legacy of Cynthia – Renaissance by Mark Hunter

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Unsigned
Released: 2014
Buy Album: www.legacyofcynthia.bandcamp.com
Band Website: legacyofcynthia.bandcamp.com

Legacy of CynthiaBand Line up:

Peter Miller – vocals
Oz Villarez – Guitars
Caesar Craveiro – Bass
Edgar Milhais – Guitars
Paulo Adelino – Drums
Carina Leitao, vocals in “The Silence”
Pedro Antunes, keyboards in “Bystander”

Track Listing

1 – Gnosis
2 – Lygophilic
3 – Dorian’s Portrayed
4 – Seven Sins
5 – Bystander
6 – The End of Days
7 – The tale of the Scarcrow
8 – The Silence
9 – Cain
10 – Something To Die For


Inspired by their hometown of Sintra Portugal, Legacy of Cynthia offer their debut album ‘Renaissance’. Produced and engineered by their own bassist Caesar Craviero “using real amplifiers, real drums and no auto tune”, this un-signed quintet aims to make their mark with their own brand of intense alternative metal.

No punches are pulled either! After the intro, ‘Lygophilic’ bursts to life with a driving rhythm section and heavy guitars grabbing what every ounce of my attention. Even when the guitars slow down and chug along heavily they maintain a quality, that combined with the wailing vocals of Peter Miller, give Legacy of Cynthia a dark and intense sound. You can here the passion and feeling behind every lyric in Millers voice as he belts out every word with gusto.
There are some nice and more delicate moments in Millers vocals, like at the beginning of ‘Dorian’s Portrayed’, that are equally effective in expressing the feeling behind the words.

‘Seven Sins’ is one of my favorite tracks on the album. You can feel the influence of historic Sintra in the wailing vocals and exotic sound of the bass. Eventually giving way to the guitars of Oz Villarez and Edgar Milhais, the songs gains power with every second. One guitar maintaining that theme of the slow and heavy riff while the other brings a screaming solo into the mix. It is just an example of really good song writing that is apparent throughout the album.
Another stand out track is ‘The Silence’. I really like this one as it is a break from the norm. In a departure from the heavy riffing we get something more anthemic yet powerful in its own right. The contrast between Millers passionate clean vocals and the angelic tone of Carina Leitao really make this track stand out. In fact I would really like to here Leitao’s vocals on one of the heavier tracks too, I think that could be really interesting and possibly something to try in the future.

This is definitely an impressive debut. Legacy of Cynthia have already managed to create a fairly unique sound here. With the song writing ability on show in this album I don’t think they will stay un-signed for much longer. The experience that the band will gain from this album will ensure that the Legacy will certainly live on.

Review by Mark Hunter