Red Eleven – ‘Round Two’ by Mark Hunter

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: LifeForce Records
Released: 2014
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Round TwoBand Line up:

Tony Kaikkonen – Vocals
Teemu Liekkala – Guitars / Backing vocals
J-V Hintikka – Guitars
Pasi Pasanen – Drums
Petteri Vaalimaa – Bass

Track Listing:

1 – Two Steps Forward, Step Back
2 – Second Round
3 – Narrow Mind
4 – Tomorrow’s Path
5 – Turning Point
6 – the Wrong Enemey
7 – behind Illusion
8 – Famous for Being Famous
9 – Last Night
10 – Hide & Seek
11 – Running Blind
12 – Shine on Me


‘Round Two’ is the second album from Finnish five piece Red Eleven. Formed in 2012 the band boasts an experienced line-up with its members having been involved in bands such as Machine Men, Sons of Aeon, Dark Days Ahead and Dead Cult Diaries to name but a few.

After coming together to record their debut ‘Idiot Factory’ in 2013, which was well received both in Finland and further afield, the band have now signed to German label Lifeforce Records to bring us this new material. As they state in themselves in the second track, this is a band that “is ready for the second round”.

After my first listen I wasn’t sure what to say about this album, I knew that I had enjoyed it, but I couldn’t find the words straight away. Since then I can’t even remember how many times I have listened to it. It’s just so easy to come back to time and again.

Red Eleven while, being a band that I would place in the realms of alternative rock, bring more to their sound than I had first expected. Sure they have the catch courses in songs like ‘Hide and Seek’ and ‘Running Blind’, but there’s more. They bring some harder riffing to tracks like ‘The Wrong Enemy’ and Last Night’ that give an almost power-metal feel. It’s a mix that is easy to get completely wrong, however these talented Finns have got it bang on.

Another thing that struck me while listening to this repeatedly is the vocals of front man Tony Kaikkonen. It is uncanny how similar he sounds to Mike Paton at times. Even the way he moves in and out of clean vocals as if it was no big deal is similar to the Faith No More legend. This is evident throughout the album but no more so than on ‘Famous for Being Famous’, a song in itself that is not far away from the realms of Faith No More.

All in all I really rate these guys. They sound like they have found something great with this band and ‘Round Two’ is testament to that. Lively riffs and catch hook lines, what’s not to like? I will be coming back to this record for a while. Come to the UK soon please!

Review by Mark Hunter