Sons of Absolution – Vice Versa [EP] by Graham Hilling

Rating  3/5
Distributor/Label: Tunecore
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Released: 6th June, 2014

Band Line Up:
Vice Versa Cover Artwork
Vice Versa Cover Artwork

Lead guitar/Songwriter, Kristian Fagervoll
Rythm guitar, Joakim Giske
Bass guitar, Ole Kristian Skjong
Vocal, Mads Gjerde
Scream, Adrian Grimstad
Dums, Jørgen Nesje

Track Listing:

1. Vice Versa
2. The Eon War, Part I
3. The Eon War, Part II
4. Shed Your Tears


Sons of Absolution are a 6 piece band from Norway, featuring a couple of vocalists, one doing clean melodic vocals and another doing gruff/screaming vocals. Vice Versa is their latest 4 track EP. It starts off in typical rock style with a simple but effective riff. Before long it glides effortlessly into a quite catchy chorus, seeing the vocals switch from gruff to melodic. This works OK although for me the gruff vocals work better on this track than the rather nasally clean ones. The production throughout is sparse and quite a nice antidote to the over produced music that we’ve become so accustomed to.

The Eon War pt. I is the next track on the EP and takes the band into more standard rock territory before a punctuated section leads into a well written bridge which works very OK. Predominantly clean vocals on this track apart from the punctuated phrasing. The vocals soar nicely and are well executed although the tune itself is rather unexceptional to be honest.

The next track is The Eon War pt II and it cranks up the speedo. A standard pattern emerges of gruff/clean/gruff vocals and this actually works well, with the band clearly writing the songs around this structure. Riffs on this track are actually quite catchy and it is the best track on the EP.

Last track on the EP is Shed Your Tears. This is a departure from all 3 previous tracks with starting with a sparse acoustic guitar intro and a light, poppy, acoustic feel throughout. There is even a string accompaniment filling the sound out. Vocals are clean and heartfelt and this track has a rather strange attraction with a simple melodic solo in the middle. It’s certainly quite a direction change from all 3 previous tracks.

All in all, not a bad effort. I think the songs would come alive when played live, especially with the dual vocal attack which always seem to work well in a stage environment. Early days for the band I guess since there is no strong direction or anything to really single them out from a million other outfits. Competent and a good foundation to build from but some work still to do……

Review by Graham Hilling