East Anglia’s monolithic metal act The King Is Blind are set to release their debut EP, The Deficiencies of Man, via Mordgrimm and distributed by Shellshock, on September 1st. Featuring ex-members of Cradle of Filth, Entwined and Extreme Noise Terror, The King Is Blind bring back to extreme heavy music what we all yearn for in metal: big riffs, groove, heaviness, power, atmosphere and emotion.The King is Blind

With the groove of Bolt Thrower, the darkness and scope of Celtic Frost, the visceral power of Immolation and the stately Gothic misery of Candlemass, The King Is Blind marry a unique blend of all tenets of extreme heavy metal in their quest to produce British metal that intimidates in the manner their forebears used to.

In addition to the release of their debut EP, the band has released a powerful lyric video to the track “A Thousand Burning Temples”.

Further live successes followed, culminating in a vicious and successful set at Bloodstock Open Air Festival in August 2014, where the band conquered the prestigious Sophie Lancaster stage. The East Anglia quartet is not stopping there and are already confirmed to perform at Hammerfest VII in March 2015.


Watch the Sam Scott Hunter (Motörhead) directed video here:

The band formed in 2013, releasing their sole demo, Bleeding the Ascension,in March 2014, which was followed by their debut live performance. The event received great praise.

The Deficiencies of Man is the next step on the path to establishing themselves as a premier metal act, poised to strike with yet another offensive in the form of a full-length release in the first half of 2015.

The Deficiencies of Man details:
Recorded, produced and mixed by Tom Donovan (Telepathy, Dingus Khan) at Tom Donovan Studios, Essex (UK).
Mastered by Tim Turan (Emperor, Marilyn Manson) at Turan Audio, Oxford (UK).

Label: Mordgrimm
Distributed by Shellshock

The King Is Blind are:
Lee James Appleton – Guitars
Steve Tovey – Vocals/Bass
Paul Ryan – Guitars
Barney Monger – Drums

Bleeding the Ascension (Demo) – 2014
The Deficiencies of Man (EP) – 2014

The King Is Blind online: