Circaic – False Prophetic Roads by Fatiha Zeghir

Rating:     3.5/5
Distributor/label: Self-Released
Released: 2014
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Band Line-Up

Brian Palmer – Vocals
Josh Dummer – Guitars
Cody Dale – Keyboards
Haakon Sjøgren – Drums
Michael Hylands – Bass


1 – The Spewing of Venom
2 – Floodgates
3 – Polarity
4 – The Separation Phase
5 – Beyond Recalibration
6 – False Prophetic Roads


What possibly could be said of Circaic’s debut release “False Prophetic Roads?” What have these guys from Colorado Springs had in mind when launching into the mad adventure of headbanging death metal core jungle?! Well sure enough you have to have energy, loads of it and you have to be very angry and have huge lungs.
Why? Because you are going to scream a hell of a lot and you’d better be convincing, which is exactly what vocalist Brian does throughout the 6 tracks, with the help of a super crazy epileptic guitaring and a general apocalyptic atmosphere throughout the whole EP. Leaving you with the feeling to embrace for the last time, because the end of the world is here!

The EP launches with the epic track “The Spewing of Venom”; a nervous opening track supported by guitars and constant growling except for attempts at singing on the chorus. “Floodgates” engages with a catchy guitar and carries an epic aura; with touches of keyboards notes, desperate vocals and awesome guitar solos. It is surprising and entertaining to listen to with varied melodies and rhythms.

“Polarity” is more classical to me, or traditional should I say and for that reason a easy listen, with more singing on parts and melodic guitars, with a good headbanding bridge in the middle.

The rest of the album carries all these qualities and shows a band confident in its compositions and sound. To me, The Separation Phase” is the most melodic one of the EP. “Beyond Recalibration” is a more pop track with keyboards and guitar combo.

The EP ends with “False Prophetic Roads”, which sums up what the band is about, attacking vocals and heavy guitar and keyboard combo. It shows a band confident in its identity, compositions and sound. I can only imagine what it’s like to see them live and it wouldn’t be boring at all!

Review by Fatiha Zeghir