Numenorean – Demo 2014 By Andy Taylor

Rating: 5/5
Distributor/Label: Filth Regime Records
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Released: 2014

numenoreanBand Lineup:

Brandon Lemley – Vocals
Steven Tillapaugh – Bass
Teran Wyre – Guitars
Roger Leblanc – Guitar
Byron Lemley – Drums


1. Let me In
2. Follow The Sun


Black metal since its conception in the late 80’s and early 90’s has taken many different forms, none more than in recent years. Black metal is a much more diverse art form than what some may lead you to believe. A lot of the time it’s brutal, barbaric, loud, aggressive and dark. Other bands take black metal to a different place, adding melodies and prog influences to the formula. That’s what Numenorean have produced on this, their new two track demo and to absolutely blistering effect.

Numenorean formed in 2011 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada initially as a two piece. Now, with a full band and a full length release planned for 2015, this two track demo, which clocks in at around 20 minutes couldn’t give a better taster of things to come. I love it. From the get go, there’s a clear sense of sophistication and accuracy in the song writing. ‘Let me In’, begins with a slow pace reminiscent to some of ‘Alcest’s’ older sounds and superb leads toward the end of the track, akin to some of ‘Opeth’s’ candlelight era black metal. A haunting clean vocal evokes great emotion from vocalist Brandon and the listener for most, of ‘Let me In’. It really reminded me of ‘Bergtatt’ by ‘Ulver’, one of my favourite albums. Acoustic guitars close the track in a way that would never sound forced or out of place. Again, ‘Numenorean’ showing a great understanding of writing superb music.

‘Follow the Sun’ continues to set the bar high. I rarely use the word serene or beautiful to describe any type of metal that I listen to and certainly not black metal, but the opening 5 or 6 minutes of ‘Follow the Sun’ are just that.
Don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty of aggression in the harsh and well executed vocal, sharp guitar and double bass drumming but the way this track uses melodies and contrasts light with the shade is something that’s really difficult to accomplish and few bands do it to good effect. ‘Numenorean’ slow the pace at around the 7 minute mark before ramping it up a gear with some great riffing and drumming, the band sound reminiscent of genre leaders ‘Enslaved’ here, and that’s a real testament to an underground band who have a sound that could rival their peers.

Numenorean’s 2014 demo is without doubt one of best demos I’ve had the pleasure of listening to and that’s strange because I’d never heard of the band prior to receiving this demo for review. There’s an unbelievable talent here and fantastic skill and understanding of how to write and perfect great post black metal songs. It made me instantly want to hear more from the band and I’m eager to listen to the full length next year which i believe could put them on the black metal map.

Review By Andy Taylor