Crepuscular Exhibition at the Crypt Gallery

Review & Photography by Morbidfrog
Date:  23-28 September
Crepuscular exhibition at the Crypt Gallery

List of artists: Morfydd Ransom-Hall Lara Bartosz Crow Dillon-Parkin Ale Dini Virginie Gilardin Sezan Mourat-Sansom Karen Piddington Inga Street Jean Stockwell Louise Sunnucks Jana Valencic

I like to always keep an eye out for exhibitions happening in the Crypt gallery as, space-wise, it is one of my favourite venues in London: a dark damp crypt under a beautiful church in central London and their shows are always free!

This show is a collaboration of 11 artists, collectively known as , presenting contemporary artworks in various media created specifically for this exhibition.

When visiting you can feel the subterranean nature of the inspirations.

Crepuscular Exhibition
One or two really stand out pieces for me where the half human, half animal sculptures, they really fitted well in the space.(6)
I liked having to use a torch to explore some of the artworks in one of the little room, especially as I have been to some interactive events in that crypt where scary things came out of dark corners, so I was never quite at ease.

However on the whole this show felt a bit sparse and the complete lack of any artist statements, very little details on the pamphlet and nothing near any of the artworks (titles, artists…) made it a bit disappointing.

Crepuscular Exhibition
It takes a bit of work online afterwards to try to identify who did what and to find out more details. Still, some interesting pieces in a crypt, make it well worth a visit!