NEGURĂ BUNGET News – October 2014 – new album finalized

NEGURĂ BUNGET News – October 2014 – new album finalized
Negura Bunget – TĂU album – completed We are happy to announce we finalized the recordings, mixing and mastering for the upcoming album TĂU. As the first part of a musical and visual trilogy about their Transilvanian homeland, TĂU focuses on the natural landscapes, exploring marvelous places, with their myths, legends and traditions, opening a window to the past of these legendary lands. The album is scheduled for release in early 2015, on Prophecy Productions and the band are working on lots of musical and visual surpises so stay tuned!

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Negura Bunget – live activity The band is in the middle of an extended live plan promoting the new album, a plan that unfolds over 3 years, across 4 continents, with over 300 gigs all together. All their upcoming live activity will be linked with the release of the new album and will unfold as follows: Negura Bunget – Select preview dates for the TĂU album – November 2014 Negura Bunget – Balcan Tour – March 2015 Negura Bunget – European Tour – April / May 2015 Negura Bunget – Summer Festivals – June / July / August 2015 Negura bunget – US Tour – September / October 2015.

Anybody interested to arrange a gig for them, please get in contact at Manwhile check out their complete live schedule on

Merchandise promotion – buy one, get one for free For the following days the band are doing a special buy one, get one for free merchandise promotion. They have several shirt models available on the promotion, both new and old models, and you can get two of them for just £15 EU. For all the details of the promotion please check their facebook page –

Negura Bunget extended line-up: Gabriel Mafa / Negru – drums / percussion / dulcimer / xylophone / horns Tibor Kati – vocals / guitars / keyboards / programming Adrian Neagoe / Oq – guitars / vocals / keyboards Petrică Ionuţescu – pipes / horns / trumpet / traditional instruments Ovidiu Corodan – bass Matei Ionuţescu – panpipe / horns / traditional instruments Vartan Garabedian – percussions / vocals Mihai Neagoe / Mtz – sound design Daniel Dorobanţu – visual design Dan F. Spataru – artwork design
Negura Bunget P.O. BOX 8-1136, 300334, Timisoara, ROMANIA ____________________________________________________________________________________________________
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